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This novel has a good story and characters development however the non-premium chapters badly need editting. I unlocked the first premium chapter to check and it's easily more readable than the non-premium chapters I have read so far (chapter 25). The problem is the grammar and sentence structure are terrible. It's almost like every word in a sentence has been placed in a random order before moving onto the next sentence and repeating the same thing. Don't get me wrong, it's possible to read however I found that I was having headaches trying to read it. Everything else is absolutely fine my only problem is that I struggle to read it and it's taking the enjoyment out of the novel for me. The only reason everything else isn't 5 stars is because I can't read the story clearly enough to give a definite rating so I left them at 4 stars because the plot seems interesting and the author has some great ideas but without being able to properly read it I cannot happily rate it higher. I might try to continue reading if the chapters get eddited or just slowly over time in order to spread out the strain of reading it. Good luck author and I wish you the best but I can't personally read it yet.


Be happy with sports


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