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At 172 they suddenly change all the names to English ones with absolutely no warning or context. It honestly ruined the entire story for me. I wanted so bad to like this and find something redeemable about Aotian but honestly his cruelty has yet to be explained by his past. Also, what is wrong with the author that this girl is constantly under threat of rape?? Worse yet, the supposed main romantic interests are obsessed with her virginity while verbally and physically abusing her at the slightest rumor she's no longer pure. Aotian has a contract with her to be his lover and despite knowing there are forces conspiring against her, he allows himself to believe some random fugly dude who happens to know a few details. He actually tries drowning her because he's too much of a psychopath to actually investigate the claims. He's supposed to be a genius but he slut shames her with no investigation and slaps her around whenever annoyed. Its honestly sickening that this is what is passing for romance. Luo YaoYao is a genius and I love that they highlight that but it's infuriating that they constantly put her in the damsel in distress position. She's a genius who didn't think to take a self defense class after being assaulted several times?? Also, the chapters are SOOOO short that it honestly feels like a rip off. I only read this far because I liked YaoYao and wanted better for her. But this author has ultimately failed what could've been a really wonderful character. For all these reasons, save your coins on something actually well written.


Flaming Hot Desire

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I read an advance version of the comic. It doesnt really get better but it does at least explains their real backstory a little. Short version of the author of the comic has been sick for awhile. The novel version is finished. I didnt bother reading how it ends because I was too upset. The ML is a jerk beyond words and uses his past as an excuse for his behavior. Even towards the end he still claims to care for the FL yet does not change how he acts. I counld not finish this if I wanted too.