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First of all, this is sci-fi and maybe fantasy. It has Fae in it as of ch 28. The sci-fi crap was the final nail in the coffin for this book for me. The prologue was way too long. The MC was supposed to be a genius, but she was both too stupid and too smart. No matter how much of a genius she is, there's no way she should have been able to fix the engines in a week. Being a genius doesn't just impart knowledge into your head. She would have had to study the engine designs and everything for longer. And since its supposed to be a military operation some no name orphan isn't going to be getting the specs about anything to do with the spaceships. No matter how talented/smart you are if you don't have the resources spent on you to bring out your potential it goes to waste. Obvious Lila's would have went to waste because she was ignored (which is another stupid ass plot hole. No one realised she was a genius, and she never tried to prove she'd been having her work stolen?). Grammar is bad, but not headache-inducing like some on here. Overall I'm annoyed I wasted my time reading these chapters. I blame all you mindless 5-star reviewers for not having an ounce of taste.


Honey : The Empire's Treasure


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