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5 stars for your refreshing idea.... pls don't dish out chapter's... slowly analyse all trashy novels out there and make the perfect buffe .... rooting for ya.. i really wish blah bla blah bbblaah bala lllhahhh abbdb. #$%&T$%8$&%%.... why can't i just uckin' post this 'hit.... aren't there enough characters... do i still hav ta write... damn its night already and imma just feeling my way outta the key board... 'uk just let it end already, I have written enough shich' bhlabb sldhfs lkdaghhg ldglkalkhghldsgkhal lhdsksgkd g hldsgladkgkl d l hgkl hakhg a *%$*(^@(#$*% aish 'hit... just figured that i hav ta give rating to all em up there and not just story development...


The Gag Fantasy World


Liked it!

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