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So ive only read up to ch 11 cause of premium. The book isnt great, imo, idk what the mc's name is. Which makes me very annoyed at the naming ceremony, like what is that supposes to mean. There is the weird quot thing. Idk anything about the world. People say there is magic, not only does the synopsis not state that, but the book hasnt either. So world building i hate it. Character development, we skip every moment he has to make a decision on his name. U can barely tell that Julian is his given name and not his real name. Idk I felt like if ur gonna make it premium so early, give me a reason to keep reading. I dont have that, this site desensitized me curious as to how he got here, so i could care less. I just want to know about this world. But all ive been told is that its like ours. Maybe im curious about the mc, but not really, ive seen his struggle, but like i dont rrally3 care about him all that much. Why hasnt the teacher made him skip grades btw, like if u understand geo at his age, tf r u doing in kindergarten.


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