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I wanted to love this novel, but couldn't for 2 reasons, so I've dropped it after 10 chapters. The main one is the ridiculous blueballing regarding the name of the MC. Sure, cliffhangers are normal. Sure, some teasing is fine. Sure, you can drag some event over a few chapters (IRAS I'm looking at you). But 10 chapters of not saying protagonists name is just bonkers. At this point I would've named him Bob (a perfectly fine name for a Korean boy from the past) and be done with it, it would make more sense than not having a name at all. The second problem is the lack of editor. Text was clearly copied from somewhere and author didn't bother to see if it displays correctly, which makes a reading experience comparable to reading an MTL.


Remember The Name


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Lol Bob there was a one piece anime that named the mc Bob everyone started saying it was a pretty dumb name saying it felt weird reading a fanfic with the mc's name being bob🤣