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Alright, I must say this is a good story for a novice first of all, before I proceed to completely destroy what I just said. The First thing is that, you completely focused the story on NEJI and NEJI only, meaning you broke from the main timeline completely, if Naruto did not fight Neji in chunin exams, what happened? If Neji did not fight Hinata in the Chunin Exams, what happened? If his father never died, what happened? There are too many unanswered questions, which the author did not even bother covering in his chapters, or I missed them, if so I apologize. Also, it's funny how Neji disappears for several years, and basically you just put a 'timeskip' not much was explained. Instead of a 4 star rating, it's more like 3,5 to 4,5, but I decided to go for the middle, 4. The story for the most part is quite enjoyable.


Rise of Hyuga Neji- a fan-fiction


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