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I literally choked when I read someones review... realistic character interaction and fluidity... and no forced changes on ‘the world’ Slight spoilers, read at ur own risk. (-...-) I don’t know what kind of stories you been reading before but this story has one of the most forceful plot devices in fanfic history. The story moves so fast it’s not even fluid anymore, it’s more like a massive river traveling at the speed of sound. Literally each chapter has a large time skip of some sort, which isn’t clearly explained and every plot point is touched upon and then the next one happens. As for character interactions, literally the story is so one dimensional it’s not even funny. Almost everything that Neji ‘wants’ to happen, happens... and the dialogue follows that. Oh Neji mentions security, somehow that causes security to rise super much and somehow Hizashi is guarding Hinata. Neji says some words to the bullies of Lee, OMG Lee and Neji best friends. Oh Lee tells Guy, guy tells Kakashi, suddenly Kakashi is like yes I will train you. All these linear interactions are so forced it’s mind boggling how many people have such hi reviews... like are you people story starved or something? People are literally treating this story as if it were some master piece. Like I’m not saying the idea or concept is bad, but the execution is beyond redeemable.


Rise of Hyuga Neji- a fan-fiction


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I agree that it isn't realistic and all but dah way you are saying it not so much all I can say is you must have had a very bad day cause people have there own preferences like this umm novel fan-fic and yes I am totally story starved I've read so much novels the ones that used to be my favs is cliche now I need a f*cking recommendation on any novel on webnovel that is a hidden gem for real I am just looking around the good novel that have potential are droped and etc. ......saberswordguy has........logged off *******************************************************