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Well what can i say another naruto fanfic. In my opinion he got strong too fast at the age of 8 rinnegan with tomoe too fast.. The story might take wrong turn but we will see. I would give him mangekyo at most rinnegan later.. It seems pointless to give him rinnegan right after mangekyo when his parents die. You couls have just gave him rinnegan from the start and he would have awakened mangekyo after their death also so far there is a lack of fighting.. You should have probably spend more time in writing about what he does in the wild, about the skills he learned and som encounters. 1 year skip is too forced in my opinion... And worst thing is you already had like 6 year skip why another time skip to just force the plot. Also you should tell us about your updates or when you will add another chapter idk maybe you wrote it somewhere where i didnt see it but now it looks like its dropped. Overall we will see what turns you will take if you dont drop this one.




Liked it!

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