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This is a fun take on the apocalypse genre. Not exactly zombies--more mutants and mother nature hitting back hard. I like the mystery of the fog and how we're just starting to see people with powers emerging. Most other stories seem to just take that for granted, putting characters into a setting where the world background/powers are already fully established. I also like the MC's turmoil about the ML being a psychopath...because loving a psychopath is hard. They can be awfully charming and charismatic, and though they can't love, they often want to be loved. So as a normal person, loving a psychopath is like balancing on the edge of a knife. My guess is that Dom is really only interested/attached because of the whole ABO dynamic, which we haven't really been introduced to yet. Still, I'm looking forward to it. I just hope the updates are more regular! They ended in September and haven't budged since. Love the action scenes and the MC's smarts--i.e. the rat/sewer scene.


The Black Out


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