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First thing's first: The BL is strong in this one. We have the calm and observant Zhiqiang as the protagonist of the story and the strong and aggressive Dominick as his partner (In more ways than one.) The contrast between the characters make reading their interactions rather interesting as Zhiqiang would always try to be serious while Dominick tends to somehow turn the conversation into a flirtatious one, and of course, those will tend to be followed by some rather saucy scenes, at least for my standard. During those scenes, I enjoyed for the most part, seeing the usually straight-laced Zhiqiang becoming increasingly embarrassed and shy when faced with the assertive advances of Dominick, making me want to squeal as I read. Dominick as well, is a rather interesting character, a little too much I would say as he overshadows the protagonist a bit, at least to the point I read up to. Him being a psychopath and is extremely protective and possessive of Zhiqiang is something that scares me a little but somehow, I never become completely adverse to him due to occasional child-like behavior exhibited from him, giving me the impression that perhaps there's more to him that meets the eye. All in all, I think this will be a good find for the BL fans out there, the BL is very strong and while the story is less focus upon than the interactions between the characters, it has some interesting enough mysteries to hook me in and I believe would slowly unravel as more chapters are released. On the side note, there's some minor issues in regards to grammatical errors and some typos here and there that may make one stutter when reading, but it should not hinder the comprehension of what is being told.


The Black Out


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Thanks for the feedback!! It make me happy that you enjoy this story! Yeah, grammar is my weakness, I will try tl improve them