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Please let me chant my mantra "See no evil, hear no evil" I've read all of the chapters. But boy oh boy, I shivered at one particular scene. For all the BL lovers out there, this one is a must read. I'm a straight man myself but boy oh boy this one. This one is a dang goldmine for you BL lovers out there. (I don't know why I wrote in a cowboy accent, but hell yeah, yeehaw! BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN FOR EVERYONE YEEHAW!) Anyway, this is the review: The characters are excellent, the dialogue between the MC and Heroine (Can I say that? or side character?) is great. The Heroine* fits perfectly with the story. Overprotective, psychopathic, and just one step closer to being a rapist. But who cares! It's the apocalypse, go for it! The only downside for me is the MC being outshined by the Heroine, I know it's the early stages still. Maybe in the future, the MC will have his spotlight. The background was fleshed out and well executed. Like the scene where the MC stuffed his apartment with clothes to close a gap, adding small details, for me was brilliant. Aside from the grammatical errors here and there, it's not a big problem and the Author will surely fix it. So, do I recommend it? Yes, with a severe caution. (4.8 - Still not into BL xD)


The Black Out


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Thanks for the feedback!! One particular scene? You sure are not aroused by it? Lol *kicked* 😂😂 Yeah, MC's character was explained slower than the ML because the story was from the MC's view. It is slow burn, I will try my best to explore them more, thank you!