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It seems like it has some potential to become interesting, however quite a few grammar mistakes make it a bit hard to read. However I will keep reading and change my review if necessary. The plot: The Main character lives in a post apocalyptic world with most people either barely holding on to their lives or just giving up to die. The MC however decides that instead of choosing either of those possibilities uploads his mind into a game. Before this he studied up on modern science and medicine as the game is set in Primal times to give himself an edge. The characters: Not much to say about this yet, the MC seems to have potential, other than him there have not been any characters introduced yet. The game: Being set in primeval times does a good job of differentiating it from the medieval fantasy settings most games in this novel genre have. The author mentioned that that the game isn't finished in the setting of the story which makes me hope that the mc has to deal with issues of bugs during the story.




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