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  • darte_21

    Very well written! I love how this story progresses. The way you portrayed the reader is also good, it's quite refreshing that the MC has a fierce side to her too. Also, the development of the MC's relationships and interactions with the yaribu characters is superb. The se*ual theme mixed with a bit of romance, friendship and slice of life is what I've enjoyed the most in this fanfic. You have a way with your words that truly made me feel like I am living as a member of the "photography" club in the world of Yaribu. You've also managed to deliver the characters well in every situation without making them OOC, all of them retained their own personalities and I find them even more endearing as I read more. The notes you attach at the end of some chapters that provide mini lectures is also noteworthy. I have been to other writing communities and I have read a handful of stories about yarichin x reader, and I am not fibbing when I say that none of them comes close to how well-written your work is. I've been so fond of this novel of yours that the fondness is enough to drive me into making an account in this platform just so that I can write this review haha. I'll be rooting for you! But please don't put pressure on yourself though, keep working at your own pace and may you find the process an enjoyable experience for yourself too. There are already over 50 chapters in this novel, I know that you're passionate and working hard for this. So just keep on doing what you're passionate about as you like, and we, your readers, will just be here to drink the contents you'll provide once you get back to us. Thank you for creating this novel author-sama, it had been fun reading this. Kudos!

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