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  • missmaesama

    Hey there! Author here. Just want to clarify a few things. First of all, although this isn't my first time writing since I have been writing for quite a long time now but it was my first time writing in English. Also, I ask you to not expect too much. Too much expectation always ends as a disappointment. Who knows, this story might end as a disappointment as well. The second, my grammar, phrasing, and all. English is only my second language so I am not that good. But do not worry as I intend to edit every so often. Third, the writing quality. I did plan out the plot, the twist, the characters, their abilities, personality, future character development, and all, it doesn't mean that I'll also do good with the quality. I don't know if I can convey the story well but yeah. Fourth, my main character. He is a character based on me. But anyway, if you want to complain about why he is a bit childish, he is only 16. Usually, 16 years old in our country is still considered a child. And most teenagers are still not so serious about life as well. And about his intelligence, it is low. Do not expect a smart, calm, and collected MC. And lastly, NO ROMANCE! Absolutely. No way. I have never been a fan of romance since they mostly ruin a good story. I hate tsundere girls who like to beat up the MC, it is annoying. To add up, I am also bitter since I have never been in romance. I have no idea how one develops feelings and their relationship and all for their significant other. That's it. Thanks for reading if you actually did. And oh, I like to hear out your opinions and criticism. Since it will help me improve. P.S. This is my most honest review.

    I Am The Guide
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