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  • shalmac

    This story made me long for a feeling of brotherhood. You know just being understood at a primal level. Like you know how when we read romances we start to feel the need for romance in our lifes. Stories aren't really able to depict that with friendship. There is a feeling that one protagnist reallly gets the other protagnist. A idealestic depiction of understanding between two people. Not only enjoying each others compaines but struggling to achieve something which matters more than life itself together. the best thing about this story is that protagnists aren't reactionary. They work together for there own ambition not because something forces them to do that. How many stories have people leaving friends and family to achieve there dreams instead of going along passively with the plot because someone stole your mc guffin . read it because there is no better feeling than having ambition for something at any cost and having a friend which goes "I desire the same thing i would never give up, Brother" .Then discussing about that thing with him. Especially when you have been denied it for so long. It's a feeling like loving to sing spending almost all waking moment perfecting the craft but everyone you know is deaf . They love you but they can't appreciate it with some passion as you and then meeting another singer. I am intrested even though i am usually not intrested in non portal fantasy type of stories.I am actually intrested in this. It made me feel like something diffirent. Like not only i enjoyed it i also felt a need for such a brotherhood type friendship after reading the story. Style: pretty good. not average. better than average. Grammer: I don't know enough grammer to rate this. Wasn't able to spot mistakes. Story It's a new and unique feeling. Prologue is one of the best things i read. Not once i looked at a character in the story and thought "what a idiot". The story isn't unique but it really conveys emotions well. It's probably something subtle i can't put my finger on.

    The God of Jesters
    Horror&Thriller · GoGo