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    It is amazing. I love it! Maybe because I felt that the characters were 3D, you know...sometimes when you are reading a story you begin liking the main characters but with the progress of the novel you don´t find any kind of growth...they stale.. there is no deep and you only grow bored because their motivations are simple and direct but this is not the case on the novel so that it is a big plus. The secondary characters are pretty interesting, I somehow am always waiting for Ian interventions XD. I love how he is kind of like the moral compass of Cassius. And I am begging for Damians apparitions. There are some mistakes within the writing, mostly in the use of some pronouns but nothing that will make too much difficult for you to understand. Maybe if I am going to be truly honest I feel disappointed about the fact that there is a good chance about Marianne ending up with Cassius, it lefts me a bitter taste... maybe there were misunderstandings, incompatibilities and time/cultural differences (I will admit it in a proper chauvinistic "world" to somehow feel a little insulted in place of the female lead is proof of an amazing work in her/his world construction (this is a commendation about the writers writing skills)) but you are expecting that after dying and experiencing a whole life you will not stumble over the same stone..again; to me this is not about "discovering" his true character and falling in love or he letting go his prejudices... I do believe she can find love but not in Cassius arms. Is he a devil? No. Do they have great chemistry? Yes. Would you like for them to have a happy family (Cassius, Killian and Marianne)? Yes, but.... chemistry is not guarantee of an everlasting couple... we may FORGIVE BUT NOT FORGET and this last part is a constant torture for one´s soul. In the case of someone that has already "lived" a life with Cassius and knows how much "cruel" can he be almost like a PTSD patient you may end up almost paranoic/fearful about some actions...there will never ever be trust in there...there was no redeemable quality within "their old marriage" ...ok she mistreats your child and instead prefer to keep her as your wife, you are doing a favor to nobody, you are a coward... I would prefer even for her to end up with someone like Damian...when you have been so insulted/hurt/disappointed those who stayed at your side and were there for you and were constant and congruent you cannot let them go, those you can depend on, those are precious and deserve your time and favor. I will be honest I HAVE NOT READ THE 157 CHAPTERS (just about 120), I will keep reading hoping that this is a story that somehow will show how the fact of "remaining as a couple" for the children sake can end up being more detrimental and demonstrating that there are other alternatives for you to be a mother figure for a kid even if you are not in a formal relationship with the kid´s father anymore, I am hoping that maybe it will not be about love (in the typical sense) but about someone as a said FORGIVING BUT NOT FORGETTING, and about being grateful, learning of your mistakes and finding love maybe in arms of persons that you did not imagine. But once again this is my hope. You will enjoy reading it I can assure you, and it is okay if you like to read and hope that Cassius will end up with Marianne. I will read it too, but as I said (in a really long paragraph) I am hoping for this to not happen. AT the end I think you and me will enjoy the ride that this author has prepared for us. Alea Jacta Est.

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    See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon

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