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  • Loucy Looking For Love 1stkiss Novel

    Loucy Looking For Love

    by Fenichaan
    5 (15 ratings)

    "Apa? Kau serius dengan keputusanmu itu?" Gadis berbaju putih tengah duduk di depan laptop, dengan jari-jari yang menari di atas keyboard itu mengangguk pelan. "Aku sudah tidak memiliki cara lain,

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  • Billionaire Looking for Wife 1stkiss Novel

    Billionaire Looking for Wife

    by Sekar_Laveina_6611
    5 (12 ratings)

    Ve Andara, Gadis metropolitan yang besar di sebuah panti asuhan di pinggiran kota. Ia yang sejatinya adalah gadis tomboy, tiba-tiba diminta menggantikan anak pemilik panti asuhan yang mengalami kecela

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  • secret admirer boss 1stkiss Novel

    secret admirer boss

    by Rindu_Ughi
    4.99 (137 ratings)

    Mayang adalah gadis kutu buku dan cupu suatu hari dia ketahuan mencintai teman sekelasnya yang famous karena ketampanannya yang tiada Tara.. tapi dia DITOLAK! Hingga ketika dia lulus dari sebuah un

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  • Into the magic realm 1stkiss Novel

    Into the magic realm

    by Sukyna_Katamba
    4.89 (46 ratings)

    [ON HIATUS] Zyda Sylph, an 18 year old girl faces tragedy as her parents face sudden death, leaving her to look after her younger brother. Their life becomes somber as they get into an argument, forc

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  • *A Midnight Partition is a classic love story of two star struck lovers just after partition . Mehjabin, being forced to marry Aslam by her father, lives in a state of disarray. Her whole life has bee

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  • Arrow Inferno 1stkiss Novel

    Arrow Inferno

    by Adjoaq
    (Not enough ratings)

    Stanley ‘STAN’ Norris vs. Ian ‘WILL’ Williams He liked him; it was as simple as that! Lt. Ian Williams is a young, carefree Navy Seal whose main passion in life is his job. On an official trip to Af

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  • It had to be you. 1stkiss Novel

    It had to be you.

    by IreneBN
    (Not enough ratings)

    Huang Shen: - Omega - Stripper - A real pain in the ass - Hates: his nature / alphas Xiè Qiang: - Alpha - Mafia boss - Possessive - Hates: his damn existence Two different paths will cross during

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  • The Amulet of Seven Destinies 1stkiss Novel

    The Amulet of Seven Destinies

    by Sarah Chia
    (Not enough ratings)

    As an undistinguished cultivator, Ashur’s future looks dismal. When he gains the opportunity to learn a powerful and unique form of cultivation, he leaves his home and travels to the beautiful land of

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  • Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and home

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  • Searching for Solid Ground 1stkiss Novel

    Searching for Solid Ground

    by Valerie Mores
    (Not enough ratings)

    Quinn is in love with a very much taken Skylar. But after finding Skylar bleeding and unresponsive at the hands of his boyfriend, Quinn is sure the world is playing a cruel joke. Recovery is long and

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