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Nave wasn't the prettiest town, but in the winter when the snow blanketed the ugly earth it was truly a sight for sore eyes.

Prim shuffled her feet along the frozen pond but it seemed that no matter how hard she tried to keep her balance she always ended up crashing against the ice.

"Stop looking down," Henry said as he pulled her back to her feet.

"Also, lean forward a bit more" Cress added as she glided gracefully across the ice.

"You've never Ice skated before," Henry said, It was more a statement than a question."Put your feet like this" He told her as he pulled her along the ice

At first, Henry had to keep telling her to stop looking down. But eventually, she got the hang of it. (Sort of).

She focused on the trees. The pretty ones with the long icicles. She loved the way they sparkled when the sun hit them just right.

She tried to watch Cress and study what she was doing.

But then all of the sudden the icy breath of winter began to blow sending fallen snow across the ice. And for a moment Prim could hear nothing else but the whispers on the wind.

They were talking to her. But she couldn't understand them, the voices were extremely quiet. Almost silent altogether.

But as they got closer they began to merge into one. "Wake up" It demanded. "Wake up!"

Her feet tangled beneath her and she tried to grasp Henry's wrists but he wasn't there anymore. She fell hard against the ice just barely catching herself before face-planting.

She stared down at the frozen pond for a moment while she tried to calm her breathing.

And when she looked up Cress and Henry were already by her side pulling her back to her feet.

"You should've listened. You need to stop staring at your feet. That's why we were telling you to look up" Cress said.

"Did you guys hear that?" Prim asked when she was balanced and could stand on her own.

Prim flushed when both Cress and Henry exchanged confused glances. Prim knew she sounded crazy.

"Hear what?" Henry asked.

Prim racked her brain for something to say but she couldn't think of anything. The forest was dead silent except for the three of them. What could she possibly have heard?

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Prim shook her head and laughed nervously. "Nothing. Never mind"

And as the wind began to blow again she listened for the voice but it never came. She was confused and curious at the same time. Why had she heard the little voice? And why was it telling her to wake up?

"Come on, I think the cold is starting to get to you" Cress laughed as she led Prim off the ice.

"We could head over to The Brew. Someone said they were giving out hot chocolate for free around this time" Henry said glancing down at his watch.

"What do you think?" Cress asked.

Prim nodded absently as she kicked off her skates.

"Are you alright?"

But when Prim looked up at her two friends standing over her she didn't feel alright. Something was off. She could feel it. But she nodded in spite of all she felt.

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