1 Start Of New Life


'Ring!!' 'Ring!!' 'Rin-' "Uggghh~" I get up of my bed yawning. ' Name: Yahiko , Power: Unknown , Stage: Low for now '. I drag myself to the bathroom. I start to brush my teeth. And take a fresh bath. I look at the mirror noticing my bed hair *sigh*. I brush my hair and cover my eyes with the hair. Why I cover my eyes? Because it's ugly. Most people haven't see my eyes. I wear my uniform grabbing some bread and munching it. I start to wear my shoes. I grab my bag and open the door. I lock the door before leaving.

I start to walk towards the direction of my school. Fire , Ice , Water , Earth , Invisibility , on and on..it's all about power here.. ' Ugh ' I reach my school and start looking here and there. ' I guess they are not here yet' I thought while sighing. I enter the school and put my shoes in the locker. I walk towards my classroom. And again here and there. I see no one so I enter the class. I went to my seat and put my bag there. I sit there and 5 minute later some students start coming. One student comes towards me and said " Hey fag! You still got some braveness to come here!". I ignore it and stare outside the window. " Hey! You got some nerve to ignore me!? " She said. " Yes " I say making gaze towards her. Her anger boils , she was going to say something but the bell cuts her. She goes to her seat glaring at me.

We all stand to greet our sensei and sit down. He starts to teach us some algebra. ' Ugh ' I start to doze off to sleep. I wake to the bell ringing. It was break so some students walked towards me and said " Look its the mistake! HAHAHA!!!". They start to laugh like crazy. 'Not again' I thought. They just start to say some shit. The bell rang and it was time for magic class like practicing our magic and fighting. We all make our way to the school ground. "Alright class!! Get ready for some excercise!!" Our sensei said more like yell. "Start!!" We all start to do some excercise. After 10 minutes sensei said " Alright!! I will set teams for fighting!!". She came towards me and said , " Yahiro You can sit at that bench " pointing towards the bench. " Hai " I said while making my way towards the bench.

I watch them fight eachother. It's fun to have power. I am just a mistake to not have power. They are right...I am just a useless piece of shit..... I notice some high level students are coming towards this ground. Sensei noticed it and tells the students to stop fighting. The high level students sensei and our sensei starts to talk about some thing. They finished talking and gather all the students. Sensei also calls me. I went towards her and she said ," Ok students! The high level students are also training so we have deside that you will fight them". All student process what the teacher said and the all realise" Whaaaaa!!!!" They all yell. All high level students make bored and annoying sound. " Why do we have to fight these losers!?" asked some high level student. " Students please behave!" Sensei said. " Tch " " Ok I will set the team again!!" Sensei yell. The other sensei came towards me and said " I know you don't have power but you can fight to make your strength level high! Do you want to?" "Really? Yeah I will!!" I shout jumping from my seat. Sensei chuckled and said " Ok come on ".

Our sensei also accepted saying " Ok ok stop yelling now! You are really annoying " while chukling. " Ok mmmm there are not any student here to fight that already have there teammates" she said while looking at the students" I became sad until some one with deep voice said" I will fight him". "Huh- oh Ranmaru! Really are you okay with it!?" Sensei said. "Don't.Shout" the voice said. I turned towards the owner of the voice and what I see widened my eyes. It was.....

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