1 Chapter 1

I open my eyes to the sight of my alarm clock in-front of me showing it's time as "5:30 AM". I slowly remove my arm from the warm covers and lightly tap the button for it to stop rapidly beeping. Getting up out of the covers I soon felt shivers go down my spine as I stretched in the morning light that shined through my tiny room window. Today was the start of Lolita High's first day where new transferred students arrive, getting my black velvet uniform top on I quickly grab my satin white tie and hurried it onto my outfit. After five minutes of struggling to put on my black pleated skirt I had finally got it over my legs and up onto my waist, yes it was an everyday thing I struggle with every morning before school. Opening my drawers to find my socks I realize that I had left my badge and lanyard in class yesterday, I thought it over that it had to be in the main office assuming that the teacher had found it yesterday. I shake that thought out of my head and continued to get ready for school, making my way to the bathrooms down the hall of the dorm. I opened my dorm room door and walked down the long yet relaxing hall of the dorms, feeling my soft slippers hit the ground on the soft red velvet carpet made me feel as if I were walking on clouds every morning. It gave me time to relax a bit and think about things that had been on my mind recently, soon enough I had finally reached the bathrooms and gently grabbed onto it's gold handles. Pushing the bathroom door open the smell of vanilla fragrances and rose scents soon hit my face and made me smile with grace, "Beauty and Divine.." I had said to myself as I place down my things in front of a mirror and started to brush my curls that were left in my hair last night. Humming a soft delight tune I pat my puffer onto my cheeks, taking my matte lipstick in my hands I gently apply the lipstick onto my lips and letting them dry tasting a tiny bit of the lipstick itself. After I finished I walked back to my dorm room and put my shoes on then headed down to the main hall where all students would be at every morning. I reminded myself that I still needed to get my badge and lanyard for school, why do I need my badge and lanyard? Well throughout the school badges are used to represent what class you are in, what rank you are in Lolita high, and you're uniqueness. Heading down to the main hall I make my way towards the classroom I had left my stuff in, reaching the classroom I knock gently on it's doors only to hear the door unlocking and opening. Seeing who it was, it was Mr.Bloodworth! Staring up at him since he's twice my height I see him open his mouth to say something "Yes?" He tilts his head and stares down at me. I quickly respond "Hello Sir I left my badge and lanyard in your class yesterday and I came to see if you found it." he takes my hand into the classroom as he speaks "Ah yes, Chalice Ladouceur?" I nod my head watching him go behind his desk and open his right drawer. He takes out my badge and lanyard giving me a small smile as he leans down to my height "Be sure to not lose these again Chalice" he lightly chuckled and excused me back to the main hall. Putting my badge and lanyard on I walk down the long halls and into the main hall where I'm greeted by one of my dearest friends Arachne, seeing her wave her arms in the air to get my attention I smile and walk over to her. Standing in front of her she grabs my shoulders and waves me back and forth "How come I arrived at the main hall before you did! You're usually here before me! Did you wake up late?" She frantically asked sputtering out her words like how the teachers use their typewriters. After I finally got her to stop shaking me I answered her questions and told her that I had to go back to Mr.Bloodworth's class to get my stuff. Arachne huffed and crossed her arms, "You could have waited for me to go with you! I hate standing in the main hall alone!" hearing her pouts and whines I apologized and had said that she could go with me the next time. Before checking my watch the clock's tower chimed for the first bell of the day, meaning it was our first class. Looking back to where Arachne was standing I could see her halfway down the hall running to class "Hurry up Chalice!" She said, and I soon followed after her.