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"Wait, so you are Maya Potter like Harry Potter's sister? I had no idea-" "Yeah um, i am his sister, are you friends with him?" "Yeah kinda, well he's with Hermione and Ron all the time but we talk sometimes" Jade smiled at me and i nodded.

"I'm gonna use a toilet, I'll be right back" i stood up and i walked down the train aisle.

Someone was in there so i turned around so i could go to the other one, on the other side of train.

"Geez, you must be new here, i haven't seen you" some boy said when i accidentally bumped into him as i turned around. "Yeah i am new" i smiled and i wanted to continue walking. "Your parents didn't teach you to say sorry when you bump into someone?"

"Well my parents are dead, so no, they didn't" i said and he furrowed his eyebrows.

Lights in the train went out and the train stopped. "There's no chance we're in hogwarts yet..." he mumbled and i looked at him.

The train started shaking, and like something big was boarding. "Get in that cabin!" he pushed me in empty cabin and then closed door behind us.

"What're you doing?" "Dementors boarded"he sighed and i just furrowed my eyebrows. "Who are they?" "They are the guards of the wizard prison, Azkaban, i have no idea what they're doing here honestly"

"Are they gonna kill us?" i sighed and he looked at me. "I don't think so, they're maybe-" someone interrupted us by opening door. "Maya, come with me please" some guy said to me and i looked at the blonde guy. "Do you know him?" i whispered and he shook his head, still looking at him. "Oh I'm sorry, i didn't introduce. I'm Remus Lupin, new professor here at hogwarts. But i can explain that later, now follow me" he walked out and i followed him.

Before i left the cabin i looked at the blonde boy and them walked away.

"So what's happening?" i asked him and he sighed. "I guess you don't know who dementors are-" "I actually do, that guy i was there with told me" "Oh okay then, they attacked Harry and he kina fainted" he said calmly and i stopped walking.

"How can you say this so calmly?" "He'll be okay, don't worry" he smiled and we continued walking to Harry's cabin.

"Hey, you must be Maya" i assume Hermione smiled at me. Harry talked about her and Ron all the time, so i guess that's them. "Yes i am, you're Hermione right? And you're Ron?" i pointed at her and redhead boy. "Yes" they said at the same time and i sat next to Harry.

"Shouldn't he eake up already?" i asked and Lupin smiled. "He will, don't worry" Harry sat up just as Lupin finished his sentence.

"Maya?" he looked at me and i hugged him. "I'm so glad you're okay" i mumbled and i chuckled.


When all students came into the great hall, the sorting ceremony started and Dumbledore started calling names. After a while, he finally called mine. As he said Potter everyone just stared at me, so did the boy from the train.

McGonagall put the sorting hat on my blonde wavy hair and i looked at Jade. She was in Slytherin, i wanted to be with her but Harry would kill me if-

"Slytherin!" sorting hat yelled and i looked at Harry. That was the thing i was scared of. He shook his head and i went to sit next to Jade.

"I'm happy you're in Slytherin!" she hugged me and i smiled. "Yeah, well Harry seems a bit...mad" i said and she looked at him. He was staring at me like he's gonna kill me.

After the ceremony ended, we walked out to the hallway. Harry grabbed my hand and he dragged me away from everyone.

"Are you kidding me? Slytherin?" "You're doing like it's my fault, you think i can control where the hat puts me?" "I'm sorry, i know you can't control it, i just can't believe it" he sighed and i stayed quiet.

"I didn't know you have a sister Potter" the guy from the train came to us and Harry rolled his eyes. "I swear to god if you'll ever gonna do something to her Malfoy-" "You'll what? You'll kill me? That's funny, I'm excited" he winked at him and walked away.

"Maya listen to me, this boy, Draco Malfoy, is the worst person you can mess with in hogwarts. Just try to avoid him as much as you can okay?" "I'll be okay Harry, don't worry" i smiled and he hugged me. "I'm glad you're here" he mumbled. "I'm glad that we don't have to be with Dursleys anymore" i giggled and he did too.

I didn't know what's wrong with that Malfoy boy, he was kinda nice to me on the train.


"So this is your bed, and here's your closet" Jade pointed at bed by window and closet opposite it. I started unpacking my stuff and Jade was reading some book. "Do you wanna go to the library when I'll finish this?" i asked her and she agreed with smile.


"Library is this way" she turned to left and i followed her. This castle is so big, i would be lost without Jade.

"I'm gonna find some book, I'll be right back" i smiled at her and i walked away to a big bookshelves.

I wasn't tall enough to reach the book i wanted so is tood on my toes and tried to reach it. Someone's hand reached it before me.


Heyy, i worked on this like half a day, it's nothing extra, i was just bored and i wanted to try something new! Lemme know if you like it, I'm definitely planning to continue because it's fun hahh:dd So you can write me some suggestions, advices, basically anything.

Also i wanna say this; English is not my mother language, but i wanted to practice it by writing in it, i hope there are no big mistakes, if there are, feel free to write it in comments so i can fix it, and do it better next time ♡︎

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