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~A Little Surprise~


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DISCLAIMER!!!! -THIS ISN'T MY PLOT -THIS IS ALSO TECHNICALLY FAN FICTION ABOUT BTS - IF U R TRIGGERED ABOUT HOMOSEXUAL SEX THAN DO NOT READ (this is just a roleplay I did with a good friend~) Namjoon was annoyed when someone rings the doorbell late at night. Upon answering the door, he becomes more annoyed to come face-to-face with his cheating ex, Min Yoongi who looked exhausted, thin and pale. Yoongi begged for Namjoon's help in tears however, still Bitter about their sour ending in which he blamed on Yoongi, Namjoon is poised to slam the door shut in Yoongi’s face. Just before he could, someone peers out from behind Yoongi's stick legs... Would they be able to put their past aside or lock the door in its face once more?