1 Lost hope

Chapter one

Her eyes snap open all of a sudden. She's breathing heavily and already covered in perspiration.

'Are you alright? 'some men move closer to her

She looks at them much longer, they don't look familiar. None of her surroundings does.

How did she get there? She searches her brain but realizes bitterly that it's all blank.

What had happened to her

'Who are you? 'she asked

'Sssh.... Someone behind her pushed her up. She looks behind her at the strange faces there. Counting by her eyes, they were ten.

What the...

'What am I doing here? 'she intended to raise her voice but it came out so low and painful. What had happened to her.

'You don't remember anything?'a guy at the window side says but didn't turn to look at her, 'You knocked on our door for help'

Then it came at her suddenly, swiftly. She found herself in the bush, running but something was chasing her. No, they were human beings except for the fact that they were so fast and so violent.

She tried to outrun them but unfortunately, she fell and they all came rushing down on her. The pains she had when their mouths collided with her body were unbearable.

She eventually ripped herself away and ran toward the first building she saw on sight. Thank goodness, there was someone in. She fainted immediately when she entered.

'who are those people?? '

The guy whirl around to look at her, 'Not people but demons eating human'

What the.....

'We need to leave this building, 'one chorus from behind her

'And go where? 'another raise up

'I heard SHALERA is safe and protected. We would be safe when we get there, 'the guy by the window says.

The lady stands and walks to the window side. Outside are lots of strange-looking people walking to and fro. There was blood everywhere.

'For how long have I been out? '

'30 minutes, 'another guy answered.

The guy by the window stole a glance at her, 'Mane company announced the outbreak of a virus this morning but I didn't know it was this huge. We will leave but I want us all to beware. This virus can only be spread by contact with the blood. So, be careful so they don't bite you

The lady's heart hammer wildly in her chest as she listens

'When you get bitten, you have only an hour to be human. After an hour, you become one of them. '

What the fuck!!!

She has been bitten. She was bitten in the forest.

Does that mean she has less than thirty minutes to live as a human?

Jessica turned to look at Max, 'How sure are you about this information? '

Max gave her a Stern look, '100% sure miss, 'he then look away, 'there are guns in the store. We need to arm ourselves to protect ourselves. And we need to stick together if we wish to survive, he finish and the guys stood up and went to the store for the guns.

Everyone got busy.

Jessica stood still dumbfounded at the spot. She still couldn't believe she would be one of those bloodsucking animals.

'I know you have been bitten, 'Max words startled her and she found herself looking up at him and unable to even say another word

When she eventually forced out a word, it felt unlike hers, 'How... '

'The marks, I've seen them severally so I know it when I see one. You were bitten by five of them, 'Jessica's heart skipped a beat and started beating harder as if it would burst out. She watches him look at his wristwatch, 'Let say, you have less than 30minutes to live as a human.'

Jessica nodded once as if it was no big deal. In all her life, she has been battling with death anyways. It was no big deal if she dies now. She has no family, no one to cry for her when she's gone.

Max walks closer and looks down at her, 'But I promise to shoot the gun through your head immediately you try to harm others, 'then he walks away.

Jessica collapsed on the hard floor. She felt numb and tired. Maybe it was the effect of the virus, who knows?

She just found it strange and unbelievable she would be dying this way despite the troubles her father went through when she fell so sick to the point of death.

Should she just continue the journey with them or not?

It won't do a thing since she would be them soon

Maybe she should kill herself

Wouldn't that be better??

She rushes up and walks toward the store. Everyone was already holding a gun or two.

She moves closer to the man distributing the gun, 'Hey, give me a short one'

The man smile at her and brought out her choice. She collects it and walks out of the store. She needed to go somewhere private to kill herself.

The place seems like an abandoned duplex so it has lots of rooms.

She walks to the far end. There's an empty room there. No one would hear her and no one would even discover she's dead. Yes, nice place

She smiles and places the tip of the gun at her temple.

The memories of her father filled her head. She still couldn't believe she would be gone this way.

Suddenly, Someone sniffed, then sobs.

Jessica stopped her act and traced the path of the voice.

There at the corner was an old woman crying and sobbing.

Jessica hides her gun and moves closer to the woman in an instant need to comfort. She wondered why the woman was doing it there and why she was crying. She bends before her, 'is something wrong ma? '

The woman looks up, face reddish and swollen from crying too much.

'My son. He's the only one I've got, 'she sobs again.

Jessica doesn't seem to understand what she meant, 'Is he dead? '

She shakes her head negatively, 'He's at the hall close to here. I left him there to go buy bread. He's not dead. I know it! Please save my son, please,' the woman beseech softly as she sobs the more

She remembers walking past the hall when she was been chased. She didn't stop by that place because her gaze was focused on the duplex from afar. She only saw the hall when she turned back to look at her opponent but she doubted someone could be there alife. Well, he could be hiding

Then an idea penetrated her mind.

She's going to die anyway. Why doesn't she die rescuing someone??

Nice idea right?

Jessica walks back inside the main room where people are gathered with the old woman.

Others were ready to move out.

Jessica walk to Max who was talking with another guy about their plans

'Hey, what's the plan? '

'There's a bus outside this duplex, 'Max says and Jessica could remember running past the bus as well, 'Our first plan is to get inside the bus'

'How long do you think it will take you to reach the bus? '

Max look at Jessica for a while as if to read what she was thinking of, 'We will move in less than 15minutes'

Jessica nod once and thought about it, then look up at Max, 'That means I have 20minutes to get the boy'

Max drew a confused brow, 'What boy? '

Jessica ignores the question and instead moves toward the store. Max follows behind quickly.

The store is nearly emptied but there are still tons of guns she could use.

She looks around and found some rags. She split them and made some pockets on her ankles and laps. Then she pocketed the guns separately

'What the heck are you doing?? 'Max scream at her when he realizes she had no intention of answering him

Jessica turned to look to him, 'There's a boy I want to rescue'

Max laughs briefly, 'And what are you? The rescue team? '

'My father used to be a soldier, he taught me how to use guns. '

Max sigh and hold her firm by her shoulders, 'If you go, you will die

Jessica blinks once then twice, 'Say that again. I'm going to die soon anyway, 'she starts to walk away but stops again, 'if you don't see me in the next 20minutes, you can leave without me, 'then she walks away.

Max sighs and rushes to gather more guns. If they are going to make it to SHALERA, then they need more guns. Who knows, they may not be able to get the chance to see another gun store.

Maxwell Linus is a doctor as well as a soldier. His dad wanted him to be a doctor so he trained to be one.

But his heart desire was to be a soldier so he became one.

He has a daughter, someone he cherished so much after losing her mother to a ghast accident.

And his daughter has just been lost to this epidemic.

So, somehow he realizes how much you want to protect someone you know still lives. If his daughter was still alive, he would have given his life freely to save her.

Somehow, he admires the lady courage but he doesn't believe she would survive it

Unless she gets help

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