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What is Zodia

Read Zodia novel written by the author hydracule on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, cultivation, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Born as an heir to one of Zodia's 12 royal families, Ray Vilhorm is destined to excel in everything he puts his mind to. On the other hand, Wolfe is a frail boy born to a pair of servants serving the Vilhorms for generations. His destiny, unlike Ray's, is unforgiving and trailed with hardships. The relationship between the two has never been one of understanding and empathy. Instead, Wolfe is simply seen as a toy to Ray who, unlike the frail boy, has been provided with countless resources just because he was born to different parents. But in a sudden turn of events, this dynamic is flipped on its head as the Vilhorm family crumbles and falls from their throne. Ray being the last surviving member of the Vilhorms is jailed after being accused of regicide, a crime that the citizens of Zodia would not hesitate to tear him down for. In the midst of this turmoil Ray learns to grow as a person, a rag-tag group of friends aiding him throughout the journey as they attempt to stop the massive threat coming towards Zodia. The massive threat that caused all of this. *** Please read at least 40 chapters before you choose to drop or continue reading since it takes time for the main plot to take action. This story is heavily dependent on how believable the characters and their motivations are to you. Therefore the formative chapters are heavily focused on character relations and the world around them. Any and all comments or criticism is highly appreciated. It doesn't matter if you're pointing out a mistake or just showing love for the story, I would appreciate it nonetheless. If you think I should change anything in the synopsis or the storyline then please go ahead and comment that as well. Once again, all comments are appreciated. I hope to continue writing this until I leave all the readers, and myself, with a satisfying ending and I hope all of you enjoy the journey as well. Thanks for reading!


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Honestly , it has potential but I'm just curious to see whether the author will be able to do justice to the characters. the world setting is pretty cool but I wanna see more depth to it. I'll check in again and update this review. it's a pretty good read so far.


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