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Read ZERO GAME [BTS] novel written by the author bangtannifics on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering action, adventure, modern, system, postapocalyptic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The world was not what it used to be. The Earth had collided with the abyss and stood no chance from the savage colossal monsters that came from the rifts above, it was full of chaos and calamity. Just when the world lost hope, the constellations had gave the Earth its revival. Humans were given extraordinary powers to fend off the beasts with a system created by the constellations called, Paradise : Zero Game. Those people were then called the "awakened" or to be more specific, "Players". Each of them were given a role to fulfill just like a game. Swordsmen, warriors, mages, healers, assassins, rangers, tankers. But there was one problem. ...Every awakened starts from level 1. The world was at its verge of doom as those monsters were not just mere mobs. Then, a human appeared in the middle of a colossal mayhem. "...After Hundreds of years in Murim and another hundred in Athelle, you finally send me back to Korea and THIS happens?" Link to trailer#1 : https://youtu.be/CdSV2rjZzhU

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Grab your favourite drink and hold on tight as you dive into the upcoming thrilling events of the ruined world, ruled by constellations and the mysterious GM. Survival of humans and the unexpected arrival of y/n into the city of Seoul, as she finds herself growing fond of her meeting with 7 boys after her traumatic experience from being transported to murim and athelle for hundreds of years. Let us endulge ourselves into the world of chaos as she finds a way to live in the devastating turns of events that it provides. A story where only growth is allowed and strength that will be your only chance of survival in various scenarios planned by the entities above. As the saying goes in this world, “Our lives are on the hands of the constellations.” Will she be able to adapt to the circumstances? Or will she walk the path of the constellation? Leave a short review and share your thoughts as you find yourself wandering into the ruined world💜 Love, Bangtannifics✨


It was, and still is, such an amazing story to read! I hope that your stories will succeed and gain traction because you deserve it!! thank you for this book and I can't wait to read the upcoming chapters!


i cant belive that u had writen the story so good and it is very interesting…. my friend recommended me to read it and i agree with him that it is a good book i like the story has a lot of content but i like when u talk about the foodd 😭🤭 keep up the good worrkk 💜


Reveal spoiler


i read this storh through my friend recommendation , i found this story kinda catchy for me. beyond 7 chapters, i like chapter 7 the most bexause of the pervert guy hahahahha (currently updated chap 7)


Whoever reading this,haiii there sir or mam or whatever your pronous ares(she/him/them) but cool. Im only at chapter 3 but This story very interesting and somebody should make it into a manhwa but of course with the consent of the authour.Anyways , hope yall reading this story and have a great day 😌. (im a slow reader so :/)


this is one of the most interesting story novel i read although i didnt read much…. rhis novel got my attention and most importantly its funny and really makes u want to keep going on… and my fav characters is jimin i think hahah 😂😂😂


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