1 Chapter 1. The pact

My life has always been normal. I've had a great life. I've always loved my parents they were strict but fair and my little brother was the cutest brother anyone could ever have. Life has been good. Our village was protected by ancient magic to hide us from any creature that might want to cause us harm. I was told that our village had saved the life of an elf and in return, they protected us with their magic.

Which was nice because no one in our village could do any magic. Only a few humans could ever do any kind of magic and any that could do wouldn't compare to any other creature in our world. Humans are inherently weak, that's just the reality of our world we're at the bottom of the hierarchy of this world. Gods .....I hate being human we're so fragile we're so...

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Hiro had fallen into deep despair as the light slowly drained from his eyes. Seeing his once beautiful village ablaze and the smell of burning flesh filled his nose like an overpowering perfume. The magic that once protected Hiro's village wasn't strong enough to block the aftermath of the collision between the elves and giants.

The elves had used "Reaper's Law", a powerful light spell that had killed the giants on the battlefield that day. Hiro's village had been collateral damage of a conflict in which they were not a part of. This wasn't a rare occurrence either many creatures and species had paid the ultimate price due to the increasing battles amongst the beings of this world. The cause was obvious, the last Omnigod who had kept the world at peace was now gone leaving a vacancy in the power dynamic of this world.

This vacuum in power had left the world in chaos, demihumans against demihumans and mythical beasts against mythical beasts all striving to place their clans and essence above the rest. The gods had become complacent, not concerned with the trivialities of lesser beings.

The world is unstable with no one on the throne of the Omni god.

"Screw this"

Hiro said opening these eyes and slowly pulling himself from the rubble of his former home. This home where he had so many precious memories was engulfed by flame. Injured Hiro pulled himself to the forest where the fire hadn't touched yet. Hiro stood himself up leaning against a tree and slowly made his distance from the village further than any person had traveled from his village. Hiro had lost everything his family, his home, and even his sense of purpose. Hiro collapsed to the ground cover in blood from his broken leg and random cuts and scrapes throughout his body.

"I'm about as good as dead. I've lost everything and pretty soon I'll lose my life.",

He began to laugh laying on his back with his hand on his face seeing how pathetic he was in this situation. Hiro points to the sky as if to call out to some higher power " haha up yours you pompous self-serving self-important clowns". Hiro closed his hand into a fist.

" I only wish I could have been a cosmic wolf so I could nip at your heels and be a thorn in your side".

Hiro hears the sound of running waters and manages to crawl to the river.

"I guess this is where I die. I guess if I come back I'd like to be something more powerful like a dragon or a god."

Hiro heard a voice through the darkness of the night lit only by the faint glow of the destroyed village.

"Is that what you want? To be that powerful in your next life? Why not that powerful now in this life. You could lay there and die a pathetic, avoidable, and meaningless death or you can get up."

"Who are you? what do you want from me?" exclaimed Hiro.

"You can call me a friend or rather we both have a grudge against the gods. I'd love to use you as an instrument of my revenge if you have nothing to strive for. "

"What makes you think I'd want to be used by you or anyone else for that matter?"

Hiro said between the gasps of breath being made ever more difficult by the blood slowly filling his lungs.

"Oh, I have a feeling that you'll agree because what you're feeling right now isn't a desire to died it's a wave of unquenchable anger burning up your soul from the inside out. You feel nothing except venom in your teeth like a hydra ready to strike."

Hiro laughs, "what makes you the expert on how I feel?".

A face of a middle-aged man emerged from the shadows. The light and darkness on the skin of the man enough to reveal his long hair and beard. His aura felt full of rage and almost suffocated Hiro.

"Because that anger has never gone away and if you follow my instructions I'll make you more powerful and capable that could rival the gods themselves. Take my hand and you'll never feel beneath another being ever again."

The smile of this man was like the face of the devil and Hiro knew if he took his hand he would become powerful but also felt as if he was selling his soul to a demon. A hero might have cast his hand aside and died But Hiro didn't care about these ideals anymore or his past because all he felt was hunger. A hunger for power and had taken his hand without hesitation. This pact begins the rise of a creature more powerful than anything the world had ever seen before and the fall of a hierarchy.

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