1 Zayn Fayyad Arrafi

This cute boy has been diagnosed with ADHD, making him difficult to focus, hyperactive and impulsive. However, thanks to the determination of his parents, namely Ayya and Rafi, Zayn is helped to adjust to his environment. Thanks to Ayya and Rafi's passion and affection, Zayn unexpectedly grew up to be a child who was learning something very quickly.

Zayn has been able to speak since he was eight months old, and when he was one year old, Zayn had started learning to read; because of this genius, Zayn did not want to go to school like the other friends.

"Zayn dear, you are eight years old dear! It's time for you to go to school, you want to go to school where my mother enrolls you. Later at school, you will have lots of friends, surely you will be happy." Ayya ​​persuaded his son to go to school, but zayn shook his head.

"I don't want to go to mother's elementary school, they are really boring. I want to go to school but according to my abilities! Otherwise, I better not go to school." Zayn has decided, and Ayya is forced to comply with his wishes; otherwise, Zayn will be angry and lock himself in his room. Ayya ​​then smiled at her little son, gently stroked Zayn's black hair; then Ayya left and met her husband to discuss Zayn's wishes.

"Unfortunately, your son doesn't want to go to elementary school! He wants to go to school as long as his brain is capable of. Do you think you have an acquaintance who can help Zayn?" Ayya ​​is very frustrated with the temperament of his little son because, since the age of three, Zayn has lived with his grandparents in Malang.

Zayn had also memorized the Qur'an by heart at the age of seven, and all of this was beyond his ordinary talents. In the past, Ayya memorized his Qur'an by heart at the age of ten, and it had earned him the nickname of a monster, but his son was even more frightening because Zayn had memorized it when he was seven years old.

"I'll try to contact Danial later, he's a chancellor now, but if Zayn passes this exam, maybe he should live separately from us dear! Do you mind?" Rafi strokes Ayya's head. He actually already knows his son's talent, and indeed now is the time that time has come that he must be willing to let Zayn go to study and entrust him to Danial.

"Whatever is dear, but Zayn must go to school." Ayya ​​then left Rafi and rushed to teach the female students as usual. Meanwhile, Rafi immediately contacted Danial, and then they made an appointment. So next week, Rafi, Ayya, and Zayn will fly to Egypt to test for Zayn.

One week later, Ayya, Rafi, and Zayn fly to Egypt. They will meet Danial and have made an appointment with him. When they arrive, Danial will already pick them up at the airport. Danial immediately took the family of three to his house.

"Rafi, Ayya, you still look like you did in college, even though we haven't met for eight years. You are also very lucky to have a very magical son, while Leen and I have not been trusted to have a child." Danial felt a little sad. Shortly, Leen met them with a tray of drinks for her two friends and her husband. Leen immediately hugged Ayya's body, and they missed each other because Leen and Ayya were best friends.

"Ayya, you're still cute like before, even though your son is eight years old but your body still doesn't change, while I, after getting married, grew up like this." Leen and Ayya burst out laughing.

"Oh yes, this is our son Zayn,"

"Honey, this is aunty Leen and Uncle Danial, they are our best friends, and if you pass the exam tomorrow, you will stay with them for a while, after you graduate, we will come back to pick you up." Ayya introduced Zayn to Danial and Leen.

"Hi, aunty .. hi uncle, nice to meet you both." Zayn is very good at talking and good at hanging out with people he just met. Danial and Leen were pleased with Zayn's arrival, and they immediately loved Zayn like a real child. They themselves, then Ayya, Rafi, and Zayn rested. The next day, they took Zayn to take exams at Cairo University, this university is located in Giza, Egypt. This university is quite old and is the second-best university in the city of Egypt.

"Ayya, Rafi, you guys wait here, only me and Zayn are allowed to enter the exam room, they anticipate cheating." Rafi and Ayya nodded as they realized the selection was very tight because their son's status was exceptional, because in a hundred births. Maybe there is only one with a rare talent like Zayn's, and the fortunate parents are Ayya and Rafi. After Danial and Zayn entered the exam room, Rafi, Ayya, and Leen waited anxiously in the waiting room of the campus, and they chatted and reminisced. When they studied in this country eight years ago, even though the university was not the previous university, after two hours, Danial left, but Zayn did not come out.

"Danial, where is Zayn? Then how are the results?" Rafi asked Danial about his son's exam results, but Danial was silent while wiping the sweat on his forehead. Leen, who saw his husband's condition, was a little worried.

"Zayn has not finished completing his exams, because he asked to be tested from all faculties in this university, even though there are at least seventeen faculties here, namely: science, agriculture, archeology, art, commerce, computers, information science, Dar El 'ulum, medicine, economics, political science, engineering, law, mass communication, pharmacology, and others that I can't mention, I left because I felt short of breath knowing your son's talents. Test Zayn called him, asking him to enter immediately.

"I'll go in first." Danial went back into the room where Zayn was. After an hour, Danial and Zayn came out. Danial's face looked ashen, while Zayn looked normal.

"How is the result?" Asked Ayya impatiently, Ayya hopes Zayn does not surprise everyone.

"Of the seventeen majors, Zayn took fifteen exams according to the existing majors, he left the agriculture and trade majors, and as a result, Zayn has successfully passed in the fifteen majors he chose with perfect scores, and your son chose to study at three direct majors, Zayn majored in law, Arabic and computer, congratulations to both of you "

"Honey, help me get back to the car, you drive yes, I'm still in shock."

Danial, Leen, Ayya, Rafi, and Zayn immediately returned to Danial's residence. Rafi and Ayya stayed at Danial's house for one week, then they both returned to Indonesia without Zayn Rafi, and Ayya will pick up Zayn when he graduates.

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