1 The world fall 1

Monday morning,

In a beautiful,two storey house that are painted in light green colour."Jack.Time to eat!!",his mom shout.After he brush his teeth and take a shower,he go down to the dining room."Morning dad and mom",Jack greet.

Jack is the only son in his family.His father is a soldier.He has been on duty for 20 years.His mother is a teacher in a high school.His father meet his mother when they were still in high school.They are in relationships from high school until they married that make them have a strong bond.

"Dad,is it today your vacation with mom?",Jack ask his father while eating his breakfast."Yeah,don't make trouble when we are not here.Take care of your health",his father said.

"Dad mom I'm going now",Jack said as he pick his bag."Be careful and get home early",his mom shout from the kitchen.Then he close the door and ride his bicycle to the high school.

On the way he keep thinking to himself,"what should I do after school.Should I go play cyber games.Nahhh maybe just stay at home".When he meet with some of his friend or neighbour,he would greet and give smile to them.

When he reach the S.S.L Highschool he was greeted by his friend,Larry,"Morning Jack,it seems that you are early today".

"Yeah my parents will be on vacation starting from today",Jack say."Ah,maybe I can-"before he could finish his words,Jack quickly escape rushing to park his bicycle.Afterward he run to his class.

His class is located at the upstairs and two block to the right of the stairs.This year will be his last year,so he has to has a good mark to continue his study.When he open the door he was greet by his friends.

"Morning Jack"

"How are you Jack?"

"You look handsome today"

Some greet him and some praise him.He put down his bag and chat with his friend.Because he is a discipline and good-looking student,he has many friends boy and girl.He chat,chat and chat until the first lesson start when he stop chatting and focus his attention.

At a research lab,

There are many people in the room busy working.The room are neither too spacious or narrow just suitable for working condition.There are many items,ingredients and sample of a research that they have been working for a long time.

"Prof,is this correct?"

"Aiya,gotta redo it again"

"Mira get me that flask"

The people are busy researching and experimenting.They are given 2 years to complete the research and now after 1 and half month has pass the research are almost complete.They are just experimenting to make it perfect and complete.

At the lobby,

Today is also the day that S.S.L Highschool has a school trip to the research centre.The teacher brought them here so that they gain more knowledge and maybe some experience.

When they arrive they are welcome by some of the staff.Afterward they are brought to tour around the research centre.First,it was at the botanical garden and so on.The staff also didnt bring them to the room for the authorized only.

At the research lab,

""Mira take that flask and mixed it with the one you experiment",Prof.Sherman said.After being told by the professor Mira mix the chemicals together.In the beginning the experiment goes well nothing happened.After a while the colour start to change and bubble start to show up.

"Prof,what is happening?",Mira said with some worries.The professor just went to the chemicals and just check silently.When he tries to take a few examples with the syringe,the chemicals expand and explode.Boom!!!