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Well, like any other virus affecting the world, this one came all too sudden and with little control. Early morning on Monday, I prepared my son Javi to go to school. I packed his lunch, water, and breakfast for the whole day. It has been a routine for years that it only takes me an hour or so. At exactly 6:30 am, I led my son to board the school Van to go to school. I said hi to the school driver and the teacher on duty before going back into the house. I had so many things to do. I was done with laundry and heading to the kitchen when I heard shouting's from outside. We live on the third floor, room number 205. My husband worked at a research facility. For the last few days, he had been busy and had little time to spend with us. Which is normal regarding his line of work. Saving people's lives I rushed to the balcony to see what was happening, and I was stunned. People were attacking each other. It was weird. When two people attack each other, then it may be normal. When a whole lot of people attack and bite each other, then it's something else. My neighbor was also on the balcony looking outside. "What's happening?" I curiously asked the neighbor Before she could answer me, her husband came rushing to her and bit her on her neck. I was shocked and shouted at them. "What are you doing? Let her be?" He could not hear me. And that's how it all started........


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