1 Prologue

There are two people fighting in a battle to the death on top of a building with heavy rain. One of the fighters had a mask with a katana sheathed using their bare hands to block the barrage of punches coming from their opponent. The second fighter had silver hair and a pretty good looking face. Things were getting pretty Grimm for the silver warrior (that's what I'm going to call him) when the masked person unsheathed their sword but when he was going to strike they stopped.

Masked fighter pov

This man really tried to put up a fight against me and one part of me wanted to hurry up and FINISH HIM but the other part wants to know this mans name so I followed my gut and asked. "What is your name?"

Silver warrior pov

This person really stopped to ask me my name, to be honest, it caught me off guard but complied and said my name was YuKame. "What is your name?" I asked expecting a genuine Answer but what I got was this "if you survive this next attack I'll tell you." I cursed mentally and readied myself for the next attack.

Third person pov

At that moment the masked fighter charged full-force at the silver warrior which he barely dodged "crackerjacks!!" he exclaimed then proceeded to counter-attack, but he only hit an afterimage.

"So you survived it huh?" the masked fighter said

"You didn't make it that hard?" the silver warrior retorted with a smug smile on his face.

Silver warrior pov

Since I obviously can't keep up with my opponent and I just barely dodged their last attack just now I decided now was a good time to ask their name. "so about your name?" I asked.

"Since you really want to know I'll tell you my name is......

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