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Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duelist of Red


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His mother one day died in a work accident. Or that what the men in black suits told him when he was little. Tobias know better then to believe that. As his mother was an extremely careful person and he knows she wouldn't let herself get caught up in an accident. Unfortunately no matter what he said no one believed him. But he still has one clue that might potentially bring him the much need closer he needs. Duel Academy the last place his mother was ever seen. As she had just gotten a job their in hope of providing him a better life. Now eighteen, join him and his duel spirits as he looks into the island where Duel Academy is situated as he tries to uncover the truth about his mother disappearance. (The Duel Academy has been changed from a high school level to college and/or university level. All the main character from the show will now be eighteen at the start.) (Cover is not mine, credits to whoever made it.)


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