Yours Truly, Devil
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Yours Truly, Devil


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What is Yours Truly, Devil

Yours Truly, Devil is a popular web novel written by the author MiniAce, covering FEMALE LEAD, HORROR, MYSTERY, GHOST, TORTURE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 31.9K readers with an average rating of 5/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 9 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The world isn't a simple bubble to survive in with turmoils like lying, killing, hitting, fighting, fighting and fighting endlessly . What you see is nothing but an illusion. A rockstar singing at a concert is a werewolf hypnotiser, planning to catch girls and sell them. A writer of a good crime novel, is actually an elf murderer himself, writing to ease off his guilt. A rich female charity donater, is actually a fraud vampire, giving money in the name of charity for publicity, while getting fresh young children transported to her mansion as blood banks. Nothing you see meets the eye in true sense. In such a selfish world, a woman with hair coloured gold and pure heart, does her best to survive, against the abuse of her so-called husband. Forced to marry, she held back her tears. Raped on her wedding night, she bore the pain. But losing her child? She would never forgive the doctor who caused her misfortune. "Dr. Dylan, hear me out clearly. I won't rest until I get justice. Your carelessness is what took away my sweet poor baby. Unless you apologise publicly, or give me a proper explanation, I refuse to stop my accusations." Her kaleidoscopic eyes gleamed with unshed tears, as they glared at the handsome man before her, who sighed helplessly. ๛ Co-author - Yui.


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Oh my oldness! I won't spoil... I will only say this is simply wonderful! That's the only word I can find to describe this amazing fantasy-romance fusion story... wonderful! Recommend 10/10!


This story is very well written. The emotion and description of the characters, their feelings, the conversation and the surrounding are very well described. The first 3 chapters will tug your emotions, but I have been following this Author for a while, and I trust in his works. So I am excited for the upcoming chapters! I can't wait to read more, and see how the story goes! Thank you, author-san!


This thing kept me hooked throughout, I recommend this to everyone ❤❤❤❤❤ theis author is the first one I came across for action thing. It is indeed shocking that an action buddy could try such a writing.


A well written promising story. The first chapter gave me chills especially when Dylan accidentally made a mistake when lives are on the line. Looking forward for more. Good luck author sama!


The author has a keen eye for emotional development and how the emotions are depicted in this story will leave you hooked. One could feel connected to every single character.


Quoting the title it is itself really inviting, and perhaps author has tried that intentionally. Secondly as everyone is praising author has did marvellous job leaving all his loyal readers shocked by writing something spooky with a tinge of romance. ❤ Moreover the characters are fully developed, one could feel pity towards the mother and ire towards the shitbag husband. The doctor itself isn't any good as in these first three chapters. This thing is a #Hook just give it a try.


Very well written spooky tale, with emotions and all the elements fully blended. It is a must read. Reading this stuff author has successfully pulled out the emotions.


I kept on reading and reading and reading. I have read the other work of this author and knew him for being an action master, but this thing is a whole new experience for readers. Dear author has done this marvellous job of trying his hands into romance and mystery thing.


I loved the other work of this author firstly. And as far as about this stuff I'm in love with everything what this author will write. The ride of emotions and the character of woman is interesting yet I felt pity towards her life. Good work regarding gore and spooky stuff .


The author is very good at creating a detailed, descriptive story. The ******* keeps me on the edge and makes me sympathize with the characters. It's a really great start, I can't wait to see all the story has to offer. The summary sure made it sounds incredible!


I really like the start of the chapter. This book is really unique as the author use a modern science fantasy story. I wonder how he will include both the fantasy and human like further in the story. Though I am biased toward historical type but I feel like this story is going to do great. Looking forward to more chaps!!


I am already in love with the story after reading the synopsis and the initial chapters. I have a hunch that this story will make it far.... Please don't stop updating it author. ♥️ Coming to the plot, it is amazingly elaborated, explaining everything in details and especially the emotions (which is damn important)... The characters are well defined at the same time. Keep up the good work author 😊👍 I so wish I could kill that doctor 😑


A must read thing, author has created this stuff and it seems to me this is a short story, but I really want it to go more. One can feel connected to the poor mother who just lost her child.


This book is so intense the author express such feelings in the story so well that I can’t help but keep wanting to read on more. I felt the pains of the characters really well. Applause to the author👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 release more chaps author plzzz!!!xD


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