1 The Main Character is Love Struck!

Hiroyuki Kazama was a young 16 years old. A 2nd-year student of the esteemed Niwa Mura High. The school was famous, filled with the richest of the richest students with the best of the best facilities in the whole of Japan.

Hiroyuki had the opportunity to be a part of the school from his rich background. He was the son of a rich businessman who owned an oil company in his local prefecture. With his above-average grades and his athletic love for soccer, he was given the opportunity to be a part of the prestigious school.

You would expect someone with his stuck up, filthy rich background would have a rather subpar look but that wasn't the case at all. Sure he may not be among the best-looking students in the whole school, but he wasn't someone whom you would call average looking.

He had thick black hair that gave off a distinct silhouette for his face and blended perfectly well with his undercut sideburns. His brown eyes were shielded behind a pair of glasses that reflected his studious life and also his love for entertainment mediums, especially action-packed anime.

Sadly despite his love for sports, he doesn't have the body to contrast with. He didn't have a well built body which would have made him a total hunk. However, he was at least an average built young teen to say the least.

It was 11 in the morning and classes were in session. Students around the school were concentrating in their classes as the teachers enthusiastically taught the class in subjects that would be helpful for their future career paths. No one was distracted by their surroundings as they couldn't afford to lose their chances of remaining in one of the best schools in Japan.


A boy like Hiroyuki Kazama in a situation like this...

There was no doubt something outrageous was going to happen.

While classes were ongoing, suddenly, a fanfare of trumpets rang across the entire school as if a parade had started its tour. The entire class jumped and alerted everyone's attention. Given the outrageous turn of events, even the teacher couldn't help but felt equally as curious as the students about where the sound was coming from.

It wasn't long till students and teachers alike started rushing out from their classrooms and headed towards the sound of the fanfare.

"It's coming from the school field!" was what a student said to Hiroyuki's class before he continued to run towards his destination. Everyone in the class immediately left their seats and ran out of the classroom despite classes were still in session. Obviously, Hiroyuki joined the rest of the crowd in the journey to uncover the truth.

Upon reaching the school field, Hiroyuki saw a grandiose luxury car as long as 10 tree logs parked in the middle of the court. The fanfare that was once heard from afar now rang even louder as 10 trumpeters were within his vision. They were arranged in two rows from the car door, forming a path for whoever the passenger was.

As the fanfare continued, the car boot opened up and ten security guards in suits with black sunglasses crawled out of it. They marched in an orderly manner and surrounded the luxury car in all directions. The guard that was positioned closest to the car door opened it and what walked out was even more ludicrous.

A red carpet flowed out of the door and formed a path. A feminine leg was stretched out from the door and in her high heels, she stepped onto the red carpet.

A young girl in her early teens walked out of the car. She had blond hair and was in a wedding dress. She had a bouquet of flowers in her hand and a veil over her face.

The entire crowd of students and teachers began to cheer as the girl walked along the red carpet. Students among the crowd started spouting words as to who she was.

"So she is the new transfer student?"

"I heard she is from America."

"I heard she is a super-rich girl and was second in line to take over his father's diamond accessories business."

The students that were closest to the red carpet tossed flowers to her feet and the teachers were crying and talking about how their 'livelihood is saved'. Even the headmaster was kneeling on the ground, gratefully inviting her to his school.

The girl had her head faced down the whole time, totally ignoring the crowd's cheer for her. However, beneath her veil, she was giving off a very faint smile.

Eventually, she raised her head and noticed Hiroyuki. Her faint smile now turned to one where it was from ear to ear.

"You dropped this." She said as she raised her hand revealing a pencil in her hand.

Hiroyuki was stunned and realized that he now stood in the middle of the red carpet and was within her reaches. Hiroyuki didn't understand her words as she didn't bend down to pick up a pencil nor did he recall dropping one. He remained dumbfounded and confused as he remained standing still.

The girl then smiled and placed the pencil into his chest pocket. After a few gentle taps and a single seductive stroke across his shoulder, she walked across him and continued her way. Hiroyuki didn't move an inch and remained in the same position.

The crowd continued to cheer but amidst the cheering, some students began to throw rotten tomatoes at Hiroyuki. Some teachers even started to yell "I'm going to fail you!" as they pointed at him with jealousy. However, Hiroyuki still stood there like an idiot in attention.

After a short pause, he realized that his pocket felt like there was more than just a pencil. Inside was a piece of paper, folded inwards. He opened the piece of paper and discovered her phone number was written on it.

His heart fluttered and he immediately turned around and screamed with all his might.

"I love you!"





Hiroyuki found himself standing in his seat. He looked around and noticed all the students in the class were looking at him. There were giggles and some outright laughter burst across the classroom.

He looked to his deskmate and noticed he had his head faced down with his whole body vibrating, obviously trying to hold in his laughter. It wasn't long till Hiroyuki realized that he was dreaming while class was in session.

Hiroyuki faced ahead and realized that the teacher was standing right in front of him with the most annoyed-looking face. She may be a female teacher but it didn't take a genius to know she wasn't about to take a student's confession seriously.

"That's nice of you to say but sorry, I'm not interested in a boy that fell asleep in my class. But would you care to share what it is that you love about me?"

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