1 From rags to--Nevermind

It's a typical weekday morning. I jump out of bed and do my mourning routines. Oh, my bad! What I mean is morning routines. I go to my not-so-big comfort room with an old toilet bowl, broken sink, and of course pail and dipper.

As soon as I brushed my teeth and washed up, I wear my usual outfit of the day. A black dress that ends just below my knees, with a white collar and cuffs. I grabbed my white apron before I went out.

"CHA-CHA!" I ran quickly after I heard a loud voice calling me. Argh, that old woman! How dare she yell at me?

"U-uh, yes po?" I asked for the courtesy. She is Mama Nora, the head servant of this house. She is the longest worker in this household.

"Mr. Ramirez wants the house all clean by tomorrow. His grandchild will visit so I want you to clean the guestroom, okay?" As if I have a choice. This is my job, I have to do this to earn.

"A'ight mama!" I get all the cleaning things that I will be needing and head to the guest room. Yup. This is my life. I serve others, they'll give me money.

I am Chanel Hermosa, a 23-year-old house helper in one of the richest families here in the Philippines. I am the eldest child in our family and everyone expects a lot from me. My parents even support me in getting a BS Architecture degree before.

It's been a year since my batch graduated and my family thought that I am now a successful employee in the field.

Mama, Papa, to my siblings and niece. I'm sorry, but I fucked up.

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