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Your Name Is My Curse Word


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When I was a child, my mother told me that my father was a well known man and my existence was a secret from the world. I never had the chance to ask her why but I knew I had to keep my identity a secret. No one knew my real name except my mother, people around me have always addressed me as Princess. I grew curious about my father as I got older, my mother would tell me bits of stories about him. She had once told me that he has unique clear blue eyes, a distinct characteristic of their family bloodline. “You are born with his eyes, my love.” “But, mother… why is my other eye a different color?” My mother smiled and reached over to pat my head. She caresses my face as she stares at me with her pale brown eyes. “Because you are also my daughter.” I took her hands away from my face and brought it to my chest. “Mother, now that I am a little older… Can I know my Father’s name?” She gently wrapped her arms around me, bringing her body close to me. She hugged and took a moment to answer. The moment I felt her warmth, I knew what she was going to say. “Once you meet him, You’ll know who he is.” After that conversation with her, I knew nothing else about my father. How will I know him if I only know the color of his eyes? My intuition told me to believe what she said. Now, a gentleman stood in front of me, introducing himself as my personal guard. “Who sent you??!” “His Majesty summons you. Please come with me.” “Why would the Emperor....” The man did not hesitate to use his strength as he took me, carrying me on his shoulder. “I apologize to my lady. I am doing this by command.” CTTO photo: Hey Jupiter


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