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Your Majesty, the King


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Mature content warning: Story contains depictions of violence, gore, and severe psychological illness. Silas, a young elven soldier, is sent to kill the country’s royal family, who is trying to eradicate the elves from the continent. Unfortunately for Silas, the crown prince is a young child, and Silas is unable to bury his humanity to kill the young boy. Instead, Silas helps the young prince escape, which sets off a chain of events that forever changes both of their lives and intertwines their fates together. Ten years later, Silas is a hardened soldier and spy, who has buried the events that happened that fateful day. Yet the crown prince, Clarence, has never forgotten Silas's role in his life. This leads the pair into a spiral of hate, war, and revenge as they try to put aside their differences and piece together the Yursear Kingdom, plagued by racism, death, and poverty. 1v1, slow-burn romance, hate to love. New chapters will be updated between 9-10 am Eastern Time (UTC-4) on Wednesdays. Bonuses will be posted as the ko-fi meter fills~ https://ko-fi.com/phimagi _____________________________________________________________ Your Majesty, the King (c) Cat Masseuse and Hunny Bee. All rights reserved. Any reposting, sale, translation, etc. without permission is prohibited. Please contact the authors with questions. Translation policy: bit.ly/3xP6d6P


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