Your Love Was Grey Book

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Your Love Was Grey


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Valeria Campbell is a teenager who has spent most of her life in misery. Forced to leave her hometown and watch her parents fall apart before her eyes, she had lost all hope in existence and finding happiness again. Ivan Knight is a boy who has everything, money, girls, expensive cars, except what he wishes for. Brought together by the universe, their life will turn upside down, and their misery will turn to joy, friendship, and above all love. When dreams force them to separate, Valeria falls apart, losing hope for a new beginning without him, and using drugs to cope with her suffering, taken under the wing of a human devil who will make sure to burn her soul and transform her into a heartless monster, who cares about nothing other than narcotics and money. Yet when under arrest, she will impel Ivan to have her destiny in his hands, fighting the demons in his head, and being manipulated into breaking the rules to make sure she stays alive. Souls will be taken, blood will be lost, hearts will be shattered, decisions will be made, tears will be shed, laws will be crushed and promises will be broken. At last, Ivan will choose to make the right decision, and listen to the advice of a real angel, even though he knew he'd regret it till his last breath. "Maybe you weren't an angel after all."


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