1 The beginning of my story

My name is Alinda, my life is actually normal, just like most teenagers my age, only the difference is that I am probably smarter than other teenagers.

I live in a residential area in the SS cluster aka Very Simple, house type 21 with a land area of ​​60m. My father and mother are also ordinary people, they both work as employees in a factory which is located not far from my house. I am the second child of 5 siblings, if people around here say, my family is a cat family, because my mom gave birth to me and my younger siblings are very close to each other.

My first brother, is a man who still cannot be relied on at all, usually he is called MADESU, which means MAsa DEpan SUram, his real name is Gatot, the father said it stands for dashing and muscular! he he he he he .. but ... in fact it is not worth what was expected right ?

I have 3 younger siblings, I should have 4 younger siblings, while my mom pregnant with my younger sister, my mom fell when wanted to come home from the factory so my mom had a miscarriage. He is my first younger brother, then my second brother named Andika, he is still in 3rd grade junior high school he is the naughty one! that's a nickname he often gets from neighbors in my house area. My 3rd sister named Nian is beautiful and kind. She is still in 2nd grade of junior high school, many say she shouldn't be like me, he .. he. . he ... I'm the same as them, I don't want Nian to have the same fate as me. And next is Ganesh, he is my last brother he is disabled, is in grade 1 junior high school but he is greater than me, his desire is strong and never wants to give up life, I am sometimes ashamed of him, because his thinking is more mature. of all of us who are more mature than him.

Because our distance is too close as a result, Mother and Father like to cry when the school orders us to buy the books we need for school or other school expenses, because they cannot get debt to buy all the necessities simultaneously or whatever. not simultaneously.

even though they both have worked, but in reality the salary they get is never worth all these needs, not to mention the installments and bills they have to pay each month, sometimes it feels like my head will break, if you hear their complaints about expenses and income .

and all that makes me always swear to myself ... !! "I Hate Poor Life ..!"

I myself am currently only in grade 2 SMK. This year my big brother Gatot has just graduated and he is currently looking for a job to help my mom and dad.

Oh yes .. I also have a boyfriend, He really loves me, I'm always spoiled by him. Whatever I ask, always give him without having to wait for the next day.

I promised with him , I will marry with him after leaving school.

Actually I could have helped my father and mother to pay for all the necessities of life, but I am still afraid that if my father and mother know, if my money comes from a boyfriend who loves me.

So for now I have to be patient, because only a year left I will finish school, then I will leave this house, I will live in the house of my rich husband and can get everything I want right !!

Of course I won't forget my family !! Later, after I get married, I will build this house to be bigger so that all my younger siblings can sleep comfortably and can invite their friends to come to play in this house.

"Sis Alinda ... here Nian help .. 'Nian can really rinse the laundry ..." said Nian who saw myself washing all these clothes.

I feel touched when I see my little sister who is very kind hearted. She always wanted to help me clean up all the contents of this house.

It crossed my mind, if I get married later, she will do all this and she will be a mature girl before her time.

"Sis Nian ... why are you just dumbfounded ..! Here sis ... I can help ..!"

I just smiled at his reprimand.

"Now, let me wash all this, 'later when Nian's sister has bought a washing machine, you can only help me and mother! ok !"

I said to Nian and I pinched her nose with my hand which is full of this laundry soap foam.

My job after school is to wash all the dirty clothes, and I do that with my two hands, it's not bad to count while exercising to make my hands strong to punch the faces of people who always want to find trouble with me.

Don't ever expect that you can buy a washing machine because just to be able to eat, I'm already very grateful ....

"Hhhhmmmm .... Alinda ! you have to be patient .. !!" back, I cheered myself up.

"tick ... tick ... tick ..." suddenly the sound of the cellphone in my pocket rang, my eyes and head began to act to see around me, if it was safe I would pick up my cellphone but if the atmosphere was not safe then I'll just keep it quiet until I get the right time to reply.

yaa .. it has to be like this because of my cellphone, I got it from my boyfriend, not from my father and mother, so I have to be careful using it.

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