Your Lineage Won't Save you here Book

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Your Lineage Won't Save you here


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He was walking towards a hotel that seemed to sparkle of a new coat of paint; it even had the smell that was so common. This building felt old, and it seemed to whisper dark secrets between the walls. He stepped into a puddle as he began to cross the street, heading to the front door. A sudden compulsion told him to look down into the water. As he stared deep into the reflective surface, he began to see his face distort and change in hue. Suddenly shot full of pain, he buckled over himself and screamed with all his might. Soon even his voice distorted into something unearthly, a cross between a lion’s roar and a snake’s hiss. Slowly his flesh began to change into what could only be scales of some sort of lizard, the hue changing to a shade of purple so dark that it almost looked black. His back felt a sensation that eventually led to pain so immense that it seemed like his muscles were ripping away from his skin. In a flash of blood and gore from his back burst forth a set of appendages that slowly began to form into what appeared to be wings.


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