Your Father is My Husband (English) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Your Father is My Husband (English)


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The story of Binar Chavili, a young energetic girl who is famous as the daredevil in their whole University. She has two other best friends, named  Bianca Chastine and Belva Bidelia. They are famous as Triple B. their lives full of adventure and chasing every treacherous man. No one knows about the reason behind all of this, because she experiences it first hand in her life. However, it makes her father get really angered with her daughter's doing. Fated takes turn into Binar life when Adnan Raymond show up in her life. He takes her hand into marriages life. Apparently, Life surprised her with the appearance of Marcello Raymond, her husband adopted son. Is Binar can survive and stay with Adnan Raymond in their marriage? Or she decides to go back to her first love, Marcello Raymond?


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