1 A New Beginning

Its the year 2062 March 23rd on this day the new highly anticipated VRMMORPG "Your Fantasy" comes out!

~ring~ ~ring~ ~ring~ "Ugghh!" ~ring~ ~ring~

My Watch lights up and vibrates on my desk. I reach for it to slap it but misses it and hit my cup of water instead. it spill all over my face

"WHOA!" i jump up from the wet wake up call and shake my head looking around my room that looks like a tornado of clothes,bottles of water and old take out boxes just came through here I sigh.

knowing that my parents will be home this weekend "my mom is totally going to kill me if she see this room." i say as another ~ring~ let out i look over towards my watch to see a familiar name on it Quentin. "He better have a good reason for calling me this early!" I click the button on the watch to answer

" YO! this better be good.." I say in my morning voice.

"YoyoyoyoyoyoyoYOOOOoo! did you forget what today is bruh!?" Quentin says with excitement in his voice as i thought for a second

" OHHH! SHIT Today is the day !!!" I say excited as well

"thats right yo!" quentin says agreeing with me.

"is the rest of the crew on???" I asked.

"well so far only Me,Legend, GB, Gear, katsumi, and Yoshi just walked up with his Edge lord ass"Quentin says with a light chuckle.

"okay cool i will be on in the Hub once i get my room cleaned and get a hot shower!" I say excitedly

"okay buttercup! don't make us wait too long." as the call disconnected I smile and chuckle a little from the last comment Quentin said towards me.

Getting up from my bed I started cleaning

a few moments later as I walk back into my room with only a towel around my waist I stop to look at my room "wow looks way better than a few moments ago! mom shouldn't go crazy on me now I guess i'll read the manual and reviews on the new game that drops today I still got an hour left before it launches."

30 mins past in a blink of an eye....

I was lost in the reviews and certain strategies on how to tackle the game from beta testers. I finished my last bottle of water and started stretching.

I approach my VR Pod. That is all white with red stripes that says "No Limit" with bold black letters on top of the pod I smile excitedly.

"This is it! time to visit Humanity's second world." I stepped into the pod sitting in it I put on my helmet.

"Game Start!" I yell out as white blinding light flash before my eyes.

My avatar came to life with black long hooded trench coat that only shows my red glowing eyes under it with all black combat pants, boots, and vest on with a highlighted name saying "Zero" On top of my head in a central gathering place for players called "The Hub".

I looked around seeing a lot of players socializing with each other. i spotted a few familiar figures in the distance by a couch with a table in front of it and two palm trees around it as i walk towards these people.

"Yo!" I spoke to my friends that were chilling and chatting about.

"Yoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyo!" A tall skinny dark skin guy dreadlocks with a faded cut, bright orange pupils with an orange and black hoody that has kanji written on the back of it with black jeans and black slippers on says with a big smile.

" Quentin dude! I made it on time thank god" I said with a sigh of relief.

"Yeah, right at the nick of time pal." A white skinned tone ,tall average looking guy, with one eye patch on his face with a Mohawk and striped facial hair like a tiger, with a turquoise colored leather jacket that says "No limit" on the back with White cargo pants and white boots.

"yo! gamebreaker looks like you actually made it for the launch as well." I say looking towards big red and golden dragon about the size of a house walking towards me.

"Tony! i can't believe I actually beat you here." I say looking up at the Red dragon with a smirk.

"Whatever Dog...Pops cooked some really tasty ass chicken had to eat it before I got on or i would've regretted it later today as we are playing all night dont want to ruin such good chicken yo." Tony says looking around the area spotting someone familiar walking towards them with a smirk.

" Yooo fist! you trying to catch these Hands again in Smash bros!?"Tony yells out as everyone around them hold there virtual ears.

"this guy..yo zero! don't believe nothing this man says." Fist says while also walking up to the group chuckles with a smile his avatar had a brown skinned tone like built a body builder, large Afro hair style, With black shades and a ripped sleeveless karate Gi on.

I looked at the both of them and shake my head. "I'm guessing Ryu beat you again and choose a spammer like Duck hunt or Ness to win?"

"Exactly! what happened bro, you already know. if it was a legit fight i would've whooped his as-" Fist tried to finish speaking but was cutoff by another yell from Ryu.

"NAH DOG! dont lie ...lie again bruh ya know I beat that ass this morning." Ryu says as zero and Quentin laugh at two arguing back and forth.

"Ryu! you gonna turn down your voice or keep yelling like an angry woman." one of the three people on the couch says towards ryu he looks at him annoyed.

the guy had glass on his face with a buzz cut with light skinned tone wearing a casual outfit leaning back on the couch with his foot on the table in front of the couch.

"Yo Legend buddy are you ready for this!" I say towards him with an excited Look.

"you already know bruh! I been up the whole 24 hrs I just couldn't sleep man! that's just how ready I am." Legend says as his avatar actually looks tired so it's not hard to tell he wasn't lying about that.

I looked at the other two be side him. katsumi was the brown hair chick with a red kimono on with tan skin and a curvy body.

the other was Yoshi his lowered face was covered with a skull logo face mask with white color hair, solid dark eyes, with an all back hoody and black cargo pants.

"how about you two Yoshi and Katsumi. you guys excited as well?" I say standing in front of them. katsumi spoke first.

" Duh dummy. who wouldn't be excited for the biggest game that is about to come out in the last 3 decades." she fold her arms and lean back in the couch as well

" Yeah Zero I'm pretty excited as well. wish the countdown would go faster." Yoshi says with a bored sounding voice.

"what was that scurba dub ba dub!" Quentin says intimidating Yoshi's voice he looks at Quentin with annoyance and start yelling at him in the background.

"are we all still picking the same continent to start off on?" a cat like furry humanoid avatar says on the other side of the couch.

"that's right Gear.we all decided to start in western continent since it has alot more lands than the others two starting continents."

I say looking at him seeing how his avatar is deck out in camo military gear. Gear nods at zero's comment.

"I'm hearing that their is a tutorial area before we actually are able to choose our starting zone."

Legend says leaning up from the couch.

"Yeah I heard about that to. supposedly the A.I. of the game is going to evaluate all the players in a tutorial once they create their character and choose a play style." Ryu says while he does a little jig. The rest of the group looks at him with a blank face.

"this guy Ryu man... anyway what are the playstyles for the game guys?" Fist asked while shaking his head at a Ryu who keeps jigging in the background along with Quentin who is trying to beatbox and do breakdances at the same time.

"There are two playstyles players can pick from. one is the typical Rpg style, spawning randomly somewhere in the starting zone you choose , killing enemies, going into dungeons, adventuring doing quest to make your character stronger, and doing raids with your guild mates. Etc.etc."

"The second option is lifestyle with this play style. players will spawn into a random node in the starting zone they pick. allowing them to pick a certain crafting or gathering class of their liking. these players dont experience any combat unless the node is attacked by monsters,bandits or PK'ers thats trying to conquer that node for themselves. but basically picking that playstyle is like actually having an RL job that's in a VRMMORPG game."

Zero says with an excited smile. "so how does the PvP work do we just run up and just start any fights or..?" Fist asked with a curious look

"supposedly there are multiple ways to PvP. if you are in a certain node with laws. the guard will usually stop you from fighting in the city or village. But outside of the node it's free reign to any and all PvP actions. there are Battlegrounds players can do if they just want to PvP only." Zero says while looking at the count down showing 5 mins are remaining till the game launches.

"Okay guys gather around." Zero says while looking at the group of his friends as they all closed in around the table in front of the couch in a circle.

Zero pop up a map of the world inside of "Your Fantasy" called Euphoria it shows the planet looks just like earth but with only three continents two big mass of lands on each side of a medium size mass of land as the rest of the continents on the planet are blacked out. there are small islands in between each continent.

Zero point to the Eastern Continent as it zoom in on the continent showing different kingdoms with tyrant rulers, villages with slaves by bandits, large towers that are prisons, battlefields of massacre women and children, Mountains with volcanoes and cultist of evil deities , deep Forrest with giant trees with vicious monster both large and small , desolated lands with roaming giants, and wartorn kingdoms.

Zero look at all his friends faces knowing that they wouldn't too much like this continent. than he zoom out and zoomed in The Central Continent. Showing Kingdoms with large ports, islands where pirates are fighting for hidden treasure, Ancient Ruins where the undead reign, Bustling kingdoms full of merchants and traders going from land and sea, At the middle of the Continent stands a large castle that you could see for miles with a tower as high as the heavens itself.

Zero look at his friends again and saw a few excited gleams in their eyes. He zoomed out again for the last time and zoomed in on the Western Continent. Showing An Asia like mountains with endless sea of open grass lands, A forest with all kinds magical and majestic looking creatures and spirits, desert with A bustling kingdom full of merchants and traders going from land and sea, A Valley with sky high mountains full of snow with villages all around each mountain, kingdoms with farmlands all around them with medium and small villages.

Zero closed the map of Euphoria he look around at each of his friends.

"Now I understand why we didn't choose the Eastern Continent. That zone looks like a nightmare to level up in and have fun." Fist said with his eyes close shaking his head as everyone around the table nodded at his comment agreeing with him.

"Exactly..it would be good for guilds that are hardcore PvP focused. for casual players like us the Central and Western continent is like heaven."Gamebreaker says with a serious look on his face.

"But the fact that this game only has one sever is even crazier " Legend says while he stands up stretching his avatar and yawning.

" Man dog. I just can't wait to ride my first dragon I'm gonna go crazy boy!!!" Ryu says with excitement doing a little jig.

everyone looks at him and says one word "TYPICAL!!!"

one minute left on the countdown as Zero look at hub's clock.

"remember guys Western Continent. take your time creating your character its going to be looking like that for a while. try your best to get to a Node and contact through our group discord. for we can group up together on the closes nodes after the tutorial zone."

Zero says without hesitation as everyone around the circle nodded. 30 seconds left on the countdown.

"Good luck guys, last one to finish tutorial is an ass eater." Legend says with a laugh following by chuckles from the others as well.

5 seconds....

4 seconds...

3 seconds..

2 seconds.....

1 second....

A Large notification came through on everyone screen

"Do you Wish to launch [Your Fantasy] Now? [Yes] or [No]

Players around the hub starting to vanish into digital blue pixel dust. I happily smiled and clicked [Yes].

Welcome to The World of [Euphoria] Traveler.

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