1 Chapter 1

My name is Wang Yan, I am a TV producer here in Thailand. I am Chinese and I was born here in Bangkok. My mother is Thai and my father in Chinese. I was an actress before, turned into a producer. I have always been an adventurous girl, I want to experience things before turning into a producer, my ultimate dream. Because this is really my dream, to write, produce and direct my own drama, I work hard. I work hard as always.

Today, I am going to my office to discuss my new drama. As a CEO, I am not always late, I always arrive early. I don't want my employees to see that their CEO is unprofessional and is always bringing personal matters to the office.

As soon as I got out of my car, Praew, who is my secretary, hurriedly ran towards me with a frown on her face.

I looked at her as I closed my car door.

"Ceo Wang, I've been calling you since 7 am in the morning but you were not answering your phone." Praew said catching her breath.

"Khun Ploy, the main actor of our new drama withdrew. He said he can't do the action stunts. His manager is afraid he would be injured and won't be able to go to advertisement shoots." Praew said.

As we reached my office, I sat on my swivel chair.

I stayed calm, I am going to deal with this problem.

This is so absurd, we just had a nice deal with Ploy's manager and then what happened?

"Call his manager." I told Praew.

She nodded before she exited.

After getting out of Madam Wang's office, Praew dialed Ploy's manager's number.

But his phone kept ringing, no one is answering.

"Sister Praew, did Ploy's manager answered his phone?" Wawwa, the head of the IT department asked Praew.

Praew shook her head with a frown appearing on her face.

"What should we do, let's tell Madam Wang. She said she will deal with it." Wawwa suggested.

Just as soon as Wawwa and Praew were about to go knocking on Madam Wang's office door, the door opened.

"You two, do you know where Ploy and his manager stay?" Madam Wang asked.

Praew shrugged her shoulders and looks at Wawwa, Wawwa did the same.

"But I think I heard his manager say they're going to stay in a hotel." Praew said in an awkward tone.

"Praew and Wawwa, stay here and do your job. Praew, tell Uncle Dan, I won't be able to have lunch with him today." Madam Wang ordered.

After telling the two what to do, Wang Yan immediately walked away.

Praew and Wawwa sighed looking at Madam Wang's shirking back.

Meanwhile, while Wang Yan is driving, she suddenly had these thoughts.

'I think I know where you stay, you little ambitious actor.' she said on her thoughts.

Why would he withdraw? Wang Yan will do a workshop for him, train him Martial Arts. Wang Yan wants to prepare for this new drama, she wants to make it a big blast on the TV screen as she is very ambitious about wanting to break the internet with lots of reviews and hypes from the fans.

Of course, because Wang Yan is ambitious, she's trying to slay her villainess character applied in real life by leeching off this actor's popularity.

Wang Yan doesn't find it hard to blend with this big-headed actor. She has been very humble with Ploy.

Wang Yan walked towards the receptionist.

She starts displaying her sham smile.

Because the receptionists saw a celebrity, they smiled very brightly. More brighter than their usual smile.

"Good morning, Ms. Wang. How may I help you?" the lady asked.

"I want to see Ploy Samuthyakorn. Is he here?"

"Uhm......." the two receptionist looked at each other awkwardly.

"So?" Wang Yan raised her brows.

The two receptionists did not answer.

Wang Yan's phone started ringing, she looked at who's calling.

It's Praew.

"Ceo Wang, I know where Ploy is right now. He's not in a hotel, he is in a restaurant called...."

Wang Yan sighed.

"So stupid, Muanchanok." she murmured as the shoved her phone inside her bag.

"Mr. Samuthyakorn, here you are. I've been trying to reach you all day." Wang Yan smiled.

"Ms. Wang, I...." he did not finished his sentence.

"Are you not gonna offer me a seat? Okay, I will sit here." Wang Yan said.

"My manager told you that I am going to withdraw, didn't he?" he asked, sipping his drink, he calmly leaned on the back of his chair.

Wang Yan smiled, she blinked her eyes.

'You think you are the only famous actor?' Wang Yan bad-mouthed him on her thoughts.

"As you can see, I can't be doing stunts, I am afraid of injuries." Ploy said.

"You will have a double stunt, Mr. Samuthyakorn. You won't be doing all the action scenes alone." Wang Yan said.

"Yeah, I know. Whatever, I don't want to act now, I am not in the mood." Ploy said with an attitude.

"Okay, that's it?", Wang Yan stood up from her seat.

Ploy just looked at her with a sarcastic smile.

Wang Yan walked out from the restaurant.

She does not want to deal with an arrogant actor anymore, well, Wang Yan does not have this 'patience' thing on her.

She got into her car and sighed. She held the steering wheel tightly, she grasped into it.

She grabbed her phone that was inside her bag and dialed Praew's number.

"Praew, organize an audition for the new male lead of 'Maya Roi Jai' now."

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