1 Prologue: An Embarrassing Way To Die

Five in the morning the sound of an alarm could be heard going off throughout the darkroom. The sheets on the bed shuffled as a hand reached out from underneath a blanket reaching towards the nightstand next to the bed. The hand quickly felt around for the object that was making so much noise. A low groan could be heard as a head full of messy hair popped out from under the blanket with half-closed eyes. It was a young woman of twenty-five years of age, her long black hair streamed down over her face as she looked around the room with an annoyed expression on her face. She spotted the faint glow from her alarm clock sitting across the room from her still sounding its alarm. Her anger welled up as she shouted: "Damn it! Manager Yu, you bastard you moved my alarm clock again! Why is it so hard for you to let me sleep!"

Gritting her teeth the young woman reluctantly climbed out of bed. Her slender white legs and dainty little feet slipped out from under the warm blankets. She slipped on a pair of fuzzy purple slippers that rested on the floor at the side of her bed. She stood tall about 170 centimeters as she stretched her arms while giving a slight yawn. The faint glow of the night sky that penetrated the closed curtains of the bedroom window streamed in casting a soft white light across her white delicate skin. There was not a stitch of clothing on her body besides the slippers she had just slipped on. The soft white light accented her womanly curves and small mounds on her chest. She slowly walked over to the dresser and turned the alarm clock off.

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Without the sound of the alarm going off a vibration could be heard coming from the nightstand next to her bed. The woman sighed as she walked over dragging her feet. She picked up the vibrating cell phone and looked at the caller ID. "Evil Manager" Once again the young woman let out a sigh as she debated whether or not to pick up the call. After deciding it was best to answer the call she hit the green button letting the call go through. She immediately heard a voice coming through. "Xiaoxiao you awake?"

"Yes, Manager Yu I am fully awake thanks to someone moving my damn alarm again. What can I do for you so early in the morning? If I recall correctly, I have nothing on until the awards this evening." This young woman was none other than Lin Xiaoxiao the most popular female actress in A Country. Yes, this naked person with messy hair who was currently stretching her arms while talking on the phone, in nothing but a pair of slippers was A Countries most popular Actress. If her fans were to see her right now they would die from shock, nosebleeds, and the like.

"If I don't move your alarm clock you will just shut it off and go back to sleep. Then I have to come to your house to wake you up. It would not be so bad if you slept with your clothes on, but no u sleep naked. I have to ask do you want to blind me by making me look at your ugly naked body? Now if you had some big muscles, firm abs, hard chest and a big… Well, you know what I'm trying to say. I am not interested in your two little mounds on your chest and you are missing the equipment below." Xiaoxiao clenched her teeth wishing she could reach through the phone and punch this man!

"First off I had no reason to wake up this early today and second off, Manger Yu, did you call me to criticize my body or for something else?" Lin Xiaoxiao looked down at her chest with her free hand she cupped one of her breasts measuring their size. 'They are not that small, are they? I might not be a c or d-cup but there is still a good amount here!'

"Ah! Of course not, I wanted to make sure you were all set for tonight's awards. You were nominated for five awards including best actress of the year award." Lin Xiaoxiao had been in the entertainment industry since she was six years old. Her mother had her audition for a T.V. commercial which she won with flying colors. Since then she has played in a lot of dramas and movies. So she had been to many award ceremonies. So hearing her manager acting like a mother pestering her to make sure she was ready for such an event, she could not help but roll her eyes.

"Yes, I am already ready. I have everything from the dress down to the accessories picked out and sitting in my closet." Lin Xiaoxiao wanted to strangle her manager, why was it that he always treated her like a little kid!

"Okay good to know. Your stylist will be at your penthouse by four and the limo will be there at six to pick you up." Lin Xiaoxiao felt a headache coming on she had always hated these types of events.

"Okay, is that all? I would like to get some more rest if I can." There was no answer just the sound of the call being disconnected.

Lin Xiaoxiao stomped her feet as she tossed the phone onto the bed. "Damn Manager! You bastard! You move my alarm clock waking me up, call me early in the morning making fun of my body and for what!? Nothing but to give me a reminder that you could have easily texted to me!" Scratching her head in frustration, she felt a bit of cold air brush against her body causing her to shiver and her little pink peaks to stiffen. She quickly kicked her slippers off moved her phone off to the side and dived under the covers.

Time passed and it was almost four in the afternoon Lin Xiaoxiao was currently organizing her things. The dress she had made was a black long-sleeved mermaid style dress with see-through sleeves, shoulders, and collar bone area. It had intricate white floral patterns hand-embroidered into it. This dress was one of a kind. To top it off she had a pair of black diamond-studded stiletto heels. Everything was hand made by top designer KX. This outfit alone would run for one million RMB.

At this moment though Xiaoxiao was having a bit of an issue. "Are you kidding me this is all I have left to wear? Well, it is cute though and it is not like anyone will be seeing it." Only if she knew that these words will be a curse to her later on.

Four hit and it was finally time for Xiaoxiao's stylist to show up. It took almost a full two hours before the stylist was finished which by the time she was done it was already time for Xiaoxiao to leave. Waiting out in front of her penthouse was a black extended Rolls-Royce limousine. Xiaoxiao slowly walked towards it as the driver opened the door for her before helping her get in.


Lights flashing as news reporters and fans all gathered to catch a glimpse of the famous actors and actresses who were about to walk the red carpet. The movie awards were always a hot topic in A country. Screaming fans could be heard as the first limo pulled up. A young man opened the door to the limo, as soon as he stepped out of the limo you could hear all the young girls screaming his name.

"Its Tang! OMG, he so handsome!"

"Tang I love you!"

"Tang I want to have your babies."

"Tang I want to be your first male lover!" Black lines appeared on Tang's face as his smile stiffened after hearing the last shout. But being an actor he quickly recovered and continued down the red carpet. Only at a slightly faster pace.

A lot more stars made their appearances on the red carpet the screaming and the shutter clicking could be heard all around. Finally, a black extended Rolls-Royce limousine pulled up. The driver opened the door and a slender leg covered by a black mermaid dress could be seen extending from the limo. The owner of this leg stepped out and the fans started to go crazy.

"Xiaoxiao! Omg Xiaoxiao, I love you so much!"

"Xiaoxiao your last movie was wonderful. "

"If I were to get a chance to kiss my Xiaoxiao I could die a happy man!"

Lin Xiaoxio looked at the crowd with a smile on her face, she then took a step forward. But as soon as her foot made contact with the ground she heard a cracking sound, the heel of her stiletto broke off causing her to twist her ankle. Her facial expression turned to one of surprise as she stumbled her steps as her body began losing its balance. She fell forward unable to control her body. She watched in horror as the cement barrier in front of her was getting closer and closer to her face! She let out a scream as her head collided with the barrier with a loud thud. Her neck twisted and blood flowed down her face as the world around her grew dark. Her eyes dimmed as Lin Xiaoxiao took her last breath.

Everyone went silent, the only noise that could be heard was from the sound of the wind as it blew by. Only after a long time did they hear someone utter one word "Meow". The dress Xiaoxiao was wearing had managed to slide up past her waist as her bottom was now sticking straight up into the air exposing a pair of white panties. On that pair of white panties was a face, a face of a well-known cartoon cat imprinted on to them. On this day Xiaoxaio, the most popular actress in A country had died in the most embarrassing way.

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