Young Master Jung's little angel Book

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Young Master Jung's little angel


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Even though born into a prestigious family Xue Meili had always dreamt of being an actress. She wished to succeed by her own merit and not by her family connections and years later Xue Meili was on the long journey to become a top star in the entertainment industry when a big scandal set her back. During the two years of forced exile abroad She met and fell in love with the reigning Film Emperor Jung jianguo an A list actor and heir to JungSheng group. With his love and support she was Finally back on track to make her dream a reality and right the wrongs done to her after being betrayed by her childhood sweetheart and a pretentious friend. .............................................................. **Exceprt** "If they don't see your worth then that's their loss. My Meili is the best, you don't need them to tell you that and one day the world will see you for what you are. Your a rare germ, Your unique and no one can ever replace you. I don't care what the world says to me your a germ. I will always have your back no matter what. You remember that, No matter what I Jung jianguo loves you not even death can change that. You are mine" He said drawing her into his hands. They stayed that way for a while before leaving and heading back to their car


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