665 Spells- Part 1

The witcher looked at Penny, his slit-like eyes looking at her unblinking as a snake would, "I gave all the information that was asked from me. What do you want from me? I don't think I have anything more to offer," the rays of the sun could be seen passing through the little rock-like window that had one bar of the grill. 

Penny could tell that the witcher was being truthful but at the same time, she was yet to ask and question why she had come here at this hour of the day with food for the boy. 

She then asked, "Do you know how to use magic spells?" 

He gave her a nod. From where he had been sitting, he stood up pushing himself with one hand and took the other items that were placed down, handing it back to her, "What spell do you want me to use?" he asked her. 


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