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This is one of the best books you could come across it has really god story and it revolves around the leads very well. The author keeps us on the edge of our seats everytime we read a chapter, it will always leave us hanging. It is a very good entertainer. It is extra enjoyable when you read it in series because it is interconnected. But I guess you could still read it as a single one also! But the author basically knows what we expect and she gives it to us the right way. So author San is my favourite author!!❤️❤️💓💓


This is one of those masterpieces that u rarely find! Why? Because while reading it u will be divided into 2 sides😂 one of which would love the novel to end quickly so that u can know what will happen at the end😌 while the other never wants it to end 😭 It's really a pity that your books can't be published in a paper version but I hope that one day they would be adopted by an anime company. .it will be a WONDERFUL one😍😍 love u plz continue writing arts like these 😘😘 I wish u the best of the best


Amazing character and world design, the ML as well as the FL's development is nothing like common plots for most of the current novels out there, without the need to fall into any cliché the book gives you an amazing inmersive experience. Reading this book from the series you're able to know a whole universe and rich story making you want to read or reread all of the others to find the little pieces to make the whole experience better. By far my favorite book! If you want to read something different, full of sweet moments and great mysteries, please go ahead and read. You'll soon forget is a slowburn book.


Hello readers! This is the author of the book and I hope this might answer some of the questions. The book is part of the series ‘Lord’s, Duke and the Ghost’ where the book can be read as a standalone (but a tip that if you read the other books where the characters appear in most of them, you will have a better world and character understanding with respect to what happened or is going on which would make the book enjoyable). All the books in the series together form as a one single story as they are woven together. # 1 Valerian Empire (Alexander Delcrov) + Death of the Ghost (Malphus) Year- 1834 # 2 Heidi and the Lord (Nicholas Rune) Year- 1847 # 3 Bambi and the Duke (Leonard Carmichael) (read the first two books for better understanding) Year- 1766 # 4 Young Master Damien’s pet (Damien Quinn) Year- 1788 # 5 *Yet to be released, cover and the title has been picked and will be released at the end of YMDP book) All the books in the series falls under the genre of: Fantasy romance, mystery, little bit of action, thriller and slightly on gore. Written in historical-retro futuristic Victorian style that bends the rules as it is a fantasy genre. Coming on how the site works: 1. A reader can complete the daily tasks (got to profile and click on rewards) and earn 3 fast passes which allows to read 3 chapters a day. This gets regenerated every day. Keep in mind that as it is free, the author doesn’t earn anything from it. 2. Buying coins and reading chapters by unlocking it will pay 30% of what you pay to the author while the rest goes to the site. 3. To show your appreciation, use your power stones every day on this book which will help in ranking it in the over all site. 4. To join my Discord server where you can talk to the author as well as fellow readers, here is the link to it- https://discord.gg/K63uVqN If you want to support me further- paypal.me/ashknight17


I would like to give myself and my Little Mouse, our love story a 100 out 100 than the rest of Lord Alex', Nicholas', and Duke Leo's their love stories . Why I should I make a review here? Because I want other readers to freakin read our novel that is. You all yap yap like a chihuahua complaining about my personality and the confusion of my actions what to do to my Penny. You all bullied me in Discord and I hate that. So I came here in Webnovel to check out the readers comments, which I find it amusing and at the same time it's annoying repeating to read you guys comments as also in Discord. Once Boss Author-san write more chapters that is in stores for us, I'm pretty sure you fools will fall in love with me than Lord Nick that most of you been a fan of. Now, I give this novel a 5 out of 5, even better if stupid WN could do a 100 out of 100 but too bad the system here is weak and baloney. Alright, I'm going to **** out now because you peasants frustrated me and I'll be taking care of my darling. Peace. P.S. Penelope is crazy in love with me by at love at first sight. 😏


God this lady is the best online author of paranormal books I have ever met. She puts so much good work in these books and make it so thrilling and fantastic for us the readers. I hope she gets a lot of money and happiness. You're the best @ash_knight7


For Damien: Damien: **chop off the man's 4 fingers** Me: Well, he's not that bad. Also Me: he's hot. **takes him** _____ For Penny: Penny: **runs away from a cow chasing her for no reason** Me: I love her now. 😂♥️ ___ I don't usually write reviews for books, but this I have to do just a bit since the chapters release is short. Hopefully in the future, the story in the same universe will be beautifully written well done, thanks to brilliant vampire goddess author-san! 🙌🏻 The Lord,Dukes,& Ghost 4th installment, introducing to the: New characters😍 New plots📖 New ship ⛵ New smut 👀 More nosebleeds 💉 And lots of heart pounding 💓 will definitely be miraculous and outstanding novel along with 3 other series. Also, at the same time about Malphus's story, I'm rooting for you, author-san. Malphy Malphy makes me smiley! 😊 (This will be my birthday gift, thank you, author-san😂🙌🏻🎉)


Reveal spoiler


I've been a follower of ash_knight17 and I'm definitely sure this one will give me another one hell of a ride. Here are the list of his novels. The Valerian Empire (completed) Heidi and the Lord (completed) Bambi and the Duke The Demon's Soul (completed) Eternity in the Darkness (completed)


Another Gem from the pen of my favourite author. This is the 4th book of the lord's and vampire series. It may appear under romantic section but has more elements to it. It's mild suspense and unfolding of the story will keep you hooked. Filed with powerfully sketched characters you will fall in line with them. Do read-1) Valerian Empire, 2) Heidi and the lord, 3) Bambi and the Duke with this to enjoy to the fullest.


The journey to Fantasy World begins with The Lord and Duke series. I have read the three books of this series and currently following this fourth book. And I absolutely love it! I love this book as much I love all the other books of this series. The author never fails to disappoint us.♥️ The character development is very well planned as you can see the reference of many characters in all the books. The writing style is of top notch. The way the author describes every minute detail help us, the readers, to imagine the scene right in our mind which also in a way brings life to these books. 🥰 The story isn’t fast paced which is why I love it because all the smaller incidents connect together to build a great story. Coming to the plot of this book, Damien seems to be an ill-mannered vampire but deep within he also cares for the people he loves. Penny is also portrayed to be a strong and brave girl. As the story hasn’t progressed vary far, his takes care of his pet, Penny but also punishes her for her well being. So this bittersweet relation between the Master and Pet is very interesting.♥️ Looking forward to how the story would develop as Damien and Penny are arrogant in their own way! Thank you~♥️


Hello...it's Pet Penny here. I decided since my master left a review I should follow suit. I'm scared to see where the dear author will take us. Each day I cower in fear of what torturous thing I may have to do. I will continue my plots to escape this horrible beast of a Master that I have. Maybe one day, I may gain the freedom that I desire. Author I do thank you Ron the bottom of my heart for granting me the life I have even if it is not my desired one at least I am alive and somewhat living. *Sighs* Mother author dearest I will pray for the tired to roll in my favor. As for Master Damien I will continue to despise you *Hmph*


This writer does not know how to write a bad story and this is one of her amazing story which i am seriously falling in love with, I really advise you guys to check out her story cause you won't regret it, it's professionally written and every story has amazing plot, the romance are always fresh and interesting and this story is one of those story with fresh and amazing romance


I know this is a must read story. I've recently been reading your books and they're really great in terms of the pacing of the story, the characters and all so I'm looking forward to this new book of yours.😊


Damien: *chops off someone’s fingers* Me: Ohhhh sexyyyy~! 😏 Damien: *looks me in the eyes then winked* Me to myself: damn. im pregnant.


I love this author's productions , she is the reason why am still using webnovel ,her stories are great 😍 add her stories in your library and you will be itching for an update every day


Young Master Damien's Pet have a connection to BAD. This is the fourth book from this series, but can be read as a stand alone. If you read this you will found the mention of Leo and Vivi because the timeline is arond Vivian and Leo time span. If you are looking for a mystery and a bit of sweetness i recommend you this book. The protagonist Damien Quin is a pureblooded vampire, a councilman, a cold-hearted person and not to mention a very handsome vampire i surely you will fall in love with him even if he is a bully to ward Penny. Penelope, the heroine from this book is a sweet girl but can be sassy at times. If you dont read this book what are u doing, add it to your library and read it now!!!!! lots of love author-san 🖤


I just love how good BAD is turning out ...I still want a book on Rhys and his wife I’ve still not forgotten about those two love birds ,I hope their novel is after this one but then again I want to read this new novel you posted here too ...ugh tough choice 😋


Damien is Demon. Penny is no less. She is an Angel though, but not dumb... Superb love chemistry 💓... the plot is so much twisted and interesting that it amazes you everyday when you read a new chapter!


Page turner novels including Bambi and the Duke, Valerian Empire and Heidi and the Lord. Anything else coming? :).......... Patiently waiting for the next chapters :)