401 Don't anger a witch- Part 3

She knew what Damien was talking about but he could have handled the situation without having to throw salt in the man's already existing wound.

"My work isn't to ease his mind. I am not his relative to do it but a councilman. He should have been shot already for saving the black witches when he could have got them caught. If it was another councilman the magistrate would be dead by now."

Penny narrowed her eyes, pausing her footsteps and turning to look at Damien, "You didn't kill him because you want to use him as a bait," she pointed out to him.

"Aren't you learning everything from your prestigious master already," Damien spoke proudly of her and she rolled her eyes, "Soon you will be able to outwit others and also understand why we do things we do here."

"Would you have done the same with me?" she asked him.

"Do what?" he asked her.Β 


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