1088 What Should I Do With Him?

Jiang Yuyan quietly sat around the lunch table as Lu Lijun and Liwei accompanied her. 

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Liwei looked at Jiang Yuyan and spoke, "See, you felt bad for yesterday's dinner, but now we can have lunch together here. It's better here than that hotel."

Jiang Yuyan nodded to it and smiled at her lightly.

The three had to help themselves serving the food in the dishes. Jiang Yuyan was about to do it, but Lu Lijun stopped her. 

"You just sit."

"I have hands to get it by myself," Jiang Yuyan said calmly, but the sarcasm coated her tone.

"But those hands forget to pick up the healthy food," Lu Lijun countered and first served the salad to her. 

Jiang Yuyan frowned inside and let him do it. She looked at all the vegetables in the dish and felt like her appetite just died. 

Seeing her expressions, Lu Lijun spoke, "I know you are not a cow to eat only veggies. We have your favorite meat and other things too."

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