1092 The Incident...

Lu Lijun returned to his room, still not satisfied, as he didn't get an answer. He lay in the bed as the clock kept running at its space. It was midnight, but still, he couldn't sleep. 

Lu Lijun looked at the clock. Checking the time, he stepped out of bed to go out of the room. Standing outside of his room, his feet took the way to Jiang Yuyan's room on their own, and he couldn't stop himself. 

Subconsciously he went to her room; his mind was aware she must be sleeping at this hour. The medicines she had to take every night made her sleep deeply.

Not hesitating even for a moment, Lu Lijun opened Jiang Yuyan's room door and went straight to the bed where she slept. 

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As expected, she was in a deep sleep. Staring at her like in a daze, Lu Lijun went to bed and sat at its edge. He leaned forward as his face moved closer to hers, and his eyes closely observed her face.

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